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Help checking out bikes in Perth

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Samantha, May 24, 2006.

  1. Hey :)
    Not sure where this post should go so I put it in the New Rider forums because I'm still a new rider! :LOL:

    I was wondering if there are any experienced bikers in Perth that wouldn't mind giving me a hand checking out used bikes when I get around to buying one.
    You see, I don't know anyone that knows anything about bikes nor do I know a mechanic :p and I really don't want to be ripped off and spend all of my money on a banged up dodgey bike just because it's shiny and I like shiny things :cool:

    It's pretty non-committal :p Kinda just incase I'm browsing the quokka and I see the bike I want and I want to run over there and check it out and maybe stake a claim :grin:

    Let me know if I'm overreacting or if I should be able to do it myself :p

  2. Definately worth while getting someone in the know to help you check it out, saves you being told that they've already spent $2k replacing the rotator splint so you'll be trouble free for years ;)
  3. Hi Sam

    I think it is a very good idea to take along someone who knows what they're looking at. Unfortunately i'm not confident in my own abilities to help you. I was in a similar situation when i was looking for a bike and that was part of the reason i ended up buying from a dealer.

    hopefully someone else here who knows more about bikes can help you out.

    Having said all that, i reckon you can get a fair idea about thing just by having a good look over it and riding it and getting a feel for it. I mean even you or I would realise that its not good if theres oil leaking out of somewhere or if the tyres are bald etc etc. So if you find a bike you really like and looks good as far as you can tell then you could always tell the seller that you want a mechanic to check it out first. Then you could get a mobile mechanic to come and check it out.

    Good luck.

  4. That's a lot of money for a rotator splint. The last one I bought was a genuine imported Unobtainium Veebelfetzer Mk1V, and it only cost me a dollar eighty.

    Hi Sam, I'm in Perth and may be able to help, but frankly I'm pretty busy. Wait until you find a bike you are interested in and pm me, I'll see what I can do, even if its only to tell you what to look for, and what questions to ask.
  5. I should be able to help you if i am not too busy. Read through the used bike evaluation guide thats in the article section, and try and look at a few of the bikes that you do like, so you can see which bits are supposed to be where and such.

    Its good to have enough experience riding that you can at least start them and roll them around a little bit before you go looking, you can tell most of the problems from that.
  6. Thank heaps for the info :grin:
    After the tip about having a ride around on it I've decided to go and get my L's and start lessons so that I can feel confident about sitting on it and riding around on it. Worst case scenario is that I chicken out and theres a rider with me that can jump on it and give their opinion :p hehe
    It's great to know that if I can catch one of you at an appropriate time that you would come and help me out :LOL:

    I feel so special :cool:
  7. Sam, for a small moneytary (or a case of beer or a box of chocolate) fee, one of the bike instructors you do the course with might be prepared to check out a bike for you that you like the looks of.

    A mobile car mechanic is no good, he wont know about checking the wheel bearings, the sprocket teeth, the steering head bearings.

    Ask the instructor at your course how to check the bearings I have listed above.
    Ask him how to check the wear on the spocket teeth.

    Make notes now, take the notes with you when you go to the course.

    Check the tread wear on the tires also. New tires should be about 3 millimeters deep at least in the depth of the patten.

    It would be better if an experienced rider test rides the bike for you matey.

    If you absoulutly cannot find anyone who knows anything about bikes to check them out for you...Let me know and I'll sort something for you.
  8. Hmmm.
    Seems like you've bee inundated with replies.

    Well, here's one more.

    If you're stuck, send me a message and I'll try and arrange one of my expereienced friends to take a look for you. Far as I can tell my mate doesn't work wednesdays, so that'd be the day of choice, probably.. I'm only a newbie myself (Second day on my bike! Yay!) so can't offer much help, but have some good mates I can point you towards.

    Heh. I got him to test ride my bike for me. He gave me a good run down. :]

    Anyway, if you're interested send me a message and I'll hook you up with my mobo or something so you can let me know.

  9. *chuckles*
    I'll pm all of you and see who replies fastest :LOL:
    Might be a while before I go looking at bikes though :oops:
    I saw a CB250 in the Quokka today for $2500 and cried my eyes out because I can't afford it :p
  10. For the benefit of those us living in other States...what the hell is the Quokka? LMAO

    I know it's a small Aussie marsupial...is it the name of a mall or a shopping area in Perth?
  11. Its like the trading post
  12.  Top
  13. I've never heard of a marsupial call the trading post?

    You wacky Sandgropers :grin:
  14. A quokka is a the failed attempt by a mad scientist to create a kangaroo that will fit through a cat flap, and thus make a good pet. Its about the size and shape of a partially deflated soccer ball, and looks like a kangaroo crossed with a rat. They eat anything, including bitumen road surface, and there is no known way to reliably prevent them from infesting your home, unless of course you move from Rottnest Island to, well, anywhere else in the world. They are extremely friendly, as they assume everything else in the world is edible and tasty.
  15. And they are covered in fleas and ticks so its funny watching tourists patting them and wanting to pick them up. :p