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Help - checking out a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by I'm Simon, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Ok...so I like the look of a maroon ZZR at Citywest Yamaha in Hoppers, 2000 model, 20k on the clock, no visible damage - asking price is $5,490.(My first bike) I realise that this is a little overpriced compared to private sale but I feel more comfortable buying from a dealer. From what I have read most people seem to think that the ZZR's are bullet proof.

    So...any NR's around the Hoppers / Werribee area that are mechanically / bike inclined that would like to check it out / test ride it for me are welcome to do so. I am not mechanically inclined and don't want to end up with this happening to me :bannanabutt: and the wife will neck me.

    I will probably end up buying all my gear from there as well if the deal is right - anywayz there is a slab in it for ya.
  2. No takers ? Vic...Port80...?
  3. Are you only watching one thread?

    I responded to your other post.
  4. :oops: My bad....thanks Vic ... will send a pm.