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Help changing gears

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by D3athT0uch666, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. I ride a Kymco ck125 and say I am in 4th or 5th gear and a stop is coming up I hold in my clutch and brake then go down the gears until I stop. Thats all good and fine but if I wait too long and try go down gears when I am almost stopped or completely stopped my gears lock up and won't let me gear up or down. I have to rock the bike backwards then go down a gear then rock it backwards then go down a gear ect. is this normal??

  2. You should be releasing the clutch and changing gears as you slow. You will also makes your brakes last twice as long.

    No point pulling the clutch in and holding it, then trying to drop 3-5 gears when all but stopped.

    If you change down correctly, you will always be in the correct gear for your speed and hence ready to accelerate away if need be.
  3. Yes, its completely normal. As @TWEET@TWEET said, you must change down as you slow. No bike in general will drop 3 or 4 gears whilst stationary, they just don't work that way. And as @TWEET@TWEET said, your also not in the right gear if shite comes you way.
  4. As the above guys said that is what you should be doing, practice it.

    If you find your self in the wrong gear when you come to a stop then you can try releasing the clutch to the friction point and click down a gear, then pull the clutch in, repeat until you are down into 1st or neutral. You are putting more wear on your clutch plates doing this though so change down on the move is preferable.
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  5. Just a quick supplementary to this: do you guys shift right down into first when coming to a stop (or near stop) at lights or a junction? I find the engine braking shifting into first is so fierce that it makes me concentrate too much on bike control (ie. super-gentle declutch) and not enough on what's around me. But I am a novice, perhaps it's just a matter of practise. Right now I tend to shift down through the gears to 2nd, and if first is required, I shift down but coast to a stop with the clutch in.
  6. Coast in 1st is fine by me. At least you are in the right gear if you need to move off quickly.
  7. For a novice (with plenty of manual car driving experience), it's surprising how tricky gear selection can be, particularly at give way's where you don't know quite how much you're going to have to slow. I get it wrong quite a bit -- often coming out either below the ideal gear, so revving more than is necessary when I take off (and often reluctant to change up to fix it eg at roundabout rights), or slipping the clutch like crazy to keep up momentum. Practise, practise.
  8. You should be changing down as you slow down, not 5 gears in 3 seconds, but over a longer period if possible. I always TRY to be in 1st as I stop. Doesn't always happen though. Theory's great, but I am still putting it into practice too.
  9. I'm guess that's right, but it's not quite what I do yet. I'm better at relying on engine braking on the open road, where I hardly touch the brakes (I corner at granny speeds, but only a few weeks in that's fine with me). At junctions I'm more tense, so tend to reach for the brakes earlier than necessary I think.
  10. Don't be scared of using the anchors, as you need to have confidence in your ability to use them when it really counts. Regarding engine braking, I have been told conflicting stories, but essentially, engine is for going, and brakes for stopping. Get out and practice leaning on the anchors somewhere quiet.
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  11. Actually I'm not really scared of the brakes (I do have definite motorcycling fears, just not that one!). It's more that the effectiveness of engine braking on the bike (compared to that of most cars) has been a nice surprise. I enjoy the sense of control it gives especially in steep downhills (of which there are plenty in my area).
  12. I love going downhill with engine braking. I take my hands off the bars and lean back onto my tailbag lol!
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  13. Okay thanks everyone!
  14. @D3athT0uch666@D3athT0uch666 Hope I didn't derail your thread too far. Good luck with ongoing practise. It's a constant challenge.
  15. Show off!
  16. No worries, I've just seen a few motovloggers do it and thought it was okay to do it that way but I got stuck on a roundabout the other day because my gears locked up. ill practice
  17. Don't learn your skills from motorvloggers! Learn from a training course/dvd/video etc. Better yet get to a learners skills day here on netrider and learn from more mature and experienced hands. Otherwise you'll be riding downhill with no hands lol!
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  18. thanks for the links @Cris@Cris I guess i refer to motovloggers as guys like ariderslife, riding with tom, baron von grumble etc...
  19. Yeah, you're right. The youtube channels I listed aren't exactly vloggers. Anyway, there's some good content out there.
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