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HELP: Carb balancing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Saradiel, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hi, is there anyone who can help me balance a carburetor in the Melbourne area? I had a problem with the bike flooding, I took the carb out and cleaned it and have since put it back on. Tried to start it but it won't start and the exhaust will sometimes pop, or kind of cough. Thanks!

  2. Balancing is when you adjust multiple carbs to be in sync with mixture and idle opening. Sounds like you have a single carb. Look for an online manual for your bike and see what the standard settings are. IE. Idle mixture screw 2.5 turns out from closed, idle speed screw open 0.5 turn from closed, needle height on second nothch and so on.
    Get your carb set to those standard settings and it should start and run, then you can make fine adjustments to suit your particular carb/engine/exhaust. There will probably be someone on here with the same bike who has a manual and can give you the settings.
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  3. Firstly, it's always going to be difficult to start the bike after cleaning the carbs, because there will be no fuel in them. Be prepared to either run the starter a few times to allow the vacuum-operated fuel tap to suck enough fuel into the carbs in order to start the bike, or to switch your fuel tap onto prime for thirty seconds or so to allow gravity to fill the carbs.

    However, if you're bike is coughing and spluttering as you try to start that could be indicative of a rich mixture. Did you take the mixture screws out when you cleaned the carbs? If you forgot the check their setting beforehand, then I agree with pwbike about reverting them to their default setting.

    Finally, the ZZR250 is a twin. It has two carbs. They do need to be balanced, but you can only do that with the bike running.