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Help! Can't get her started

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by toz, May 21, 2008.

  1. Hi, i've got a 1990 Honda Spada. She's been garaged for a few weeks, and is often a bit tricky to get started at the best of times. But i tried to take her out today and she just won't start. :cry: At first it sounded like the engine was trying to kick over, but now there's just an empty clicking noise every time i press the starter button. The lights are still coming on though, so i don't think it's the battery. Any help would be much appreciated.


    p.s. i'm a newbie, so it's quite possible that it's something totally basic that i've just overlooked (but no, she's not out of fuel and the engine kill switch isn't on)
  2. Battery is probably low, might have enough current to get the relay to switch but not turn it over.
  3. Flatt batt mate.

    If there's still enough juice in it to light the warning lights, it might be worth trying a push start. Search on push start or bump start for advice on how to do it.

    Alternatively, one of the battery terminal connections might be loose, allowing enough current to flow to work the lights, but breaking down under a big load like the starter.
  4. Where are you located mate?
  5. +1 the battery may have been on it's way out for a while, which would explain why it's hard to start at the best of times, as said above the clicking is the starter relay switching, but hasn't got enough power to crank the motor over, bump start it take it for a decent ride, switch it off and attempt to re start it, if it is slowly winding over or infact starts, don't bother charging the battery just replace it, it will just about be cactus
  6. i dont know what these other clowns are talking about, but i reckon you are exhibiting the perfect symptoms of a bat flattery.
    replace it, and you shall be showered with virgins.
  7. +1

    Worked a treat for me
  8. Batts often go flat with a change in weather - from warm to cold especially.

    Also when left for a while.

    The starter motor draws many tens of amps, the lights only draw about 5 amps. You can easily have enough juice for lights but not to get the starter motor to turn over under load.

    You are, in other words, displaying standard flat battery issues. Get a 2A charger for under $50.
    It will last for years.


    Trevor G