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Help!! Can I unrestrict my phone??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by suzyq, May 4, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Hoping someone can help me... Long story but I'll try and shorten it.. A couple of weeks ago my mobile phone fell out of my pocket and smashed. :cry: I managed to retrieve my SIM card, I'm with Optus on a contract due to expire in October. Anyway, I went and got another pre-paid phone, just a cheap one. I HATE it, yeah I know you get what you pay for! And I use my phone alot.

    So I decided I would get another phone, so I went over to K-mart and got a better phone, unfortunately though I chose one that is a Telstra Pre-paid phone. I got back to work, put my SIM card in the new phone and of course it comes up with "enter restriction code"! :shock: Bugger!!

    So my question is does anyone here have any idea what the restriction code might be?? Kmart will not exchange or refund mobile phones!! :mad: Help! Is my only option to go to prepaid with Telstra?? And lose my current number??
  2. To unlock the phone you will pay a few hundred dollars, they are heavily subsidised by the carriers.

    I think note I said think that you can port your prepaid across the Telstra, but of course you will lose any credits. :cry:
  3. Telco companies do this on purpose, where they "lock" a phone to their own network, cos you get the phone cheaper (than purchasing outright) and then they make their money from the calls you make...

    Now you're was by accident, but thats the situation they try to avoid, there is ways of unlocking it, by hardware, or via a piece of software on the pc that calculates the unlock code from your phones IMEA(?) number.

    There are places around that may unlock it for you (being illegal as it is), but i would suggest selling the Telstra one to someone (friend maybe) and going to Optus and ask them to upgrade your phone and plan now (its reasonably close, so they may not charge you to end the current contract).

    That way you are getting the phone you want, and sorting out a new contract already.... Alternatively, IF you had insurance on your phone, you could file a police report that you "lost it via cleaning your room, and it may have been thrown out", and take that to an Optus outlet and give them the report and bobs-yer-uncle, you have a new phone. :)
  4. There's software out there (if you look for it *hint* google) that can de-restrict phones. It isn't hard to find and saves paying (hundreds?) money to someone to do a "30 second" unrestrict on the phone. I can most probably help you with it (PM me?) later but fairly busy atm, friends popping over like in 10 minutes so getting ready and we're going for a walk into the city "for something to do and exercise" :)
  5. Most carriers don't charge Hundreds, I've seen a figure of $80-90 on some phones.

    Of course it depends on the phone.

    Phone $mel$tra and ask.

    They wont kill you for asking
  6. No, I don't think it is illegal. It is a breach of your contract with the carrier, but that is a civil matter not a criminal one.....or so I believe.
  7. Incititus is correct. It is a civil breach of a contractual term.
    Hint: Don't get caught! :p
  8. Just pay the x amount of $ to unlock the ph. Can vary from $50 - $100
    As its a pre-paid, they might insist you have so much credit first.

    Kids have pre-paid with a certain carrier, once they spent so much on getting credit they can unlock for $50
  9. s'ok.. I bit the bullet! It only cost me $50 to unlock it so I did! Problem solved. Thanks guys!
  10. Dont be so sure about that vic, $mel$tra and right old tighties, I work for them in a sense, so I should know haha