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Help: Buying a '89 CBR250R {moved from New Riders}

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Saradiel, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I've recently been checking out a MC19 which I can get for $2300, with RWC and 12 months rego.

    I understand that this is an old bike, but I like the look, sound and riding position of this bike a lot. It will also be my mode of transport for uni and city commuting. The mechanical side of the bike seems to be pretty good, it has 33,000 kms on the odometer. I didn't see any leaks from the coolant, sump or suspension. The only issue is a small dent on the tank, a scrape on the engine cover/clutch cover and a light scraping on the exhaust.

    What do you guys think? What else should I look into? Unfortunately my budget is $2600 so I know I can't expect much. Cheers!

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  2. I hate them but that's because I love the Zxr 250's (kawasaki's answer to the cbr250rr) in saying that the few bits of damage you describe sound typical and those fairings and wheels look pretty good condition ....you'd have to test ride it to make sure the gears clutch n brakes all work well
  3. I was looking at the ZXR250 too, is that a good alternative to the Honda, does it have a racing replica style and frame? And why do you hate the Honda? Haha. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Just personal preference really ...always been a Kawasaki fan and every Tom dick n Harry seems to have those old cbr's so I've never been interested in them....race rep paint jobs? Sure you can prob get aftermarket fairings but as far as I know they are the same riding position as the cbr ...zxr's have upside down forks which was a learning curve but now I'm used to em I can't imagine life with normal fork setup ...but honestly mate that cbr doesn't look too bad
  5. Odo's on those grey imports are never accurate, they are often built from multiple bikes when leaving Japan.

    Its probably got a lot more kms.

    Forget about the zxr, they were never officially imported and came in lot less numbers grey, and so parts are harder to get.
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  6. That's true, I know that they always wind it back. But hey, at least it's not a 250R pretending to be a 250RR, added with a second front disk that isn't even operational haha. Do you know if that clutch cover can be replaced? Someone told me it's just a matter of draining the oil and just replacing the cover. Thanks.
  7. He has a point...but I love the grey imports and will contently suffer for the awesome I enjoy
  8. The cbr was officially imported in 1997 (i think) so that is better than the zxr. Before you buy any of them find out if you have a mechanic that will work on it. Dealers wont generally. Not telling you not to buy it just be careful.

    Yeah the clutch cover is not a big deal, you might be able to find a aftermarket cover over the top instead for cheaper.
  9. I know for a fact that your bike is rare and a head-turner, so take pride in that.
  10. The CBR250R and RR have gear driven cams so no issues with cam chain tensioners or replacing worn chains. I had a ZXR250C and it was a good bike, one of 50 officially imported. It was slightly bigger than the CBR250RR which is why I chose it. The 89 model is a good reliable bike with plenty of spare parts available, I think it would be a good buy for you.
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  11. Thanks, it does seem like an okay buy. But I don't see many new parts for the 250R, only used. Maybe I'm wrong though, what's a good place to source OEM parts for a bike? Thanks again.
  12. zxr250A ftw *fist pumps*
  13. bah bugger new parts....just buy a donor bike some p platers crashed and use it for parts.
  14. Oh by the way, you wont get a significant improvement over the zzr from the cbr. I had the zzr and my bro had the cbr when we were learning. I rode his quite a bit as he went off to navy so i rode it for a couple of months. They are not significantly different, the cbr had 10kmh more top speed indicated. The zzr being a twin doesnt need to be revved anywhere near as much so is easier to ride fast. I was generally faster than him on mine (when we rode toghether I would have to stop and wait) but mostly because i rode more.

    If you think you are going to get a significantly better bike, you are not. Save your dollars for your full licensed bike.
  15. Are you sure? I've looked over the specs for both bikes, a lot of difference between the two, regarding the engine. Aren't the CBRs known for their high RPM and 4 cylinder engine? My ZZR was in good condition, but nowhere near a sport bike. I'm not saying the CBR is, but they are known as the last pure bred sport type in their class to come out of Japan. What did you find better in the ZZR?
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    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
    Its not better, its worse but not by a significant amount that would mean that i would spend the risk and money upgrading.

    But take one for a ride, maybe my memory is shot, this was back in 1995 (his was a 1990, almost new then, mine was a 1991). Maybe it is also that thing about liking your own bike more too.
  17. i think he means zxr not zzr mate.
  18. I meant the zzr that he has in his profile (which i am assmng he is upgrading from)
  19. oh....well i had a 94 zzr i just got rid of and still have my zxr 250....it shits all over the zzr's performance and handling - i can top out at like 80-100ks in 2nd gear on the zxr meanwhile the zzr was 3rd/4th gear before i get up that far and it was nowhere near as responsive power wise
  20. No point buying brand new parts for something that old. There are lots of 2nd hand parts in good condition though. Also the ZXR250 is pretty much the same thing except parts are even more rare and they have cam chains.