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Help Buying - 2011 CBR250R ABS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by D3fcon, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Long time lurker and only now ive decided to get my first bike.

    Compared with the Ninja 250r but i prefer the Honda overall -

    • FI
    • Better torque
    • New engine and tech
    • Not that bad on the eyes

    Anyways its not a Ninja 250r vs CBR250r as i have already decided to go with the CBR.

    I went to Action Motorcycle at Parramatta and they had a moded non ABS red version and it looks pretty good. It had a custom fabricated muffler and it sounds deep and loud. Im sure in time there will be a range of Akrapovic, Leo Vince, Yoshi etc mufflers for the bike

    Non ABS $6200 ride away
    ABS $7000 ride away - (im sure they can negotiate to $6800 ??)

    Was going to put a deposit down if the price was right but they said the ABS version wont come in till late May or early June which is a long wait.

    Should i just go with the non ABS ?

    I was hoping to get the ABS version so i can practive e-braking without locking the wheels therefore reducing the chance of stacking the bike when learning.

    Any suggestions ? Anyone know of any local dealers who has stock ?
  2. I have ridden the new CBR and and it feels a bit small, bit toyish. It is a nice bike though. I can see why it will be a popular seller in Honda's line up. Good luck and enjoy.
  3. When I went to the test ride day at HART they told us it'd be 6,000 ride away, 6,500 for ABS version!
  4. thanks for the link blackster.

    ive already called up Sydney City this morning and the sales guy was cocky saying they pretty much ordered all the new CBR in Sydney. Quoted 7k ride away for ABS version and wasn't too willing to negotiate on the price. He didn't have any stock or a definate delivery date either

    Action MC at Parra had way better customer service :)

    im 5'8 80kg and it feels just right for me :D

    i agree, the dash does look a bit tacky and toyish but imo its better than the hyo digital dash. i dont really like the old school dash on the ninja though
  5. I missed that day. I wanted to check out the test ride day at HART but didnt have time. I'll be neg for $6.5 from now on :D

    Whats your take on the bike if you dont mind me asking ?

    Were you riding the abs or non abs version ?
  6. I was riding the non-abs tri-colour one. I was told you cannot get ABS on that bike, only red or black ones and I was terribly unimpressed with that - I mean, it's a safety feature not some vanity option; is there any colour of say, Accord that would come without ABS?

    Apart from that, I really enjoyed that bike. HART in St Ives have their own closed road track that used to be a police training school and they let us run there. It might be short and not fast like a proper race track, but it is very bendy and quite technical... and it was, I think, the ideal environment for this bike. It is really light, very easy to toss around, well mannered - clutch is light, gear changes easy, turns very well, goes ok - I mean, it is a 250, but the single spins up quite quickly yet pulls from low revs quite willingly as well.
    Quite good quality of paint/finish as well - better than the Ninja, I'd say. Overall, I was much impressed.
  7. If you're interested, here's a quick vid of how the new Honda ABS system works. Personally I think it's an amazing safety feature and all the reviews I've read (and from my mate who owns an ABS fireblade) all say it's fantastic, there is no pulsing through the brakes like old bike ABS systems.

    As soon as I'm off my restrictions I will be forking out the extra cash to get the ABS fireblade over the standard.

    THEN watch the MCN review of the ABS systems, you can see there is a considerable difference between the ABS and non-ABS models.

  8. Excluding the last guy in the video who only improved on his non-abs effort by 5 metres.
  9. But still improved
  10. I'd be very happy if I stopped in front of an obstacle rather than 5 meters into it - but maybe I'm easy to please.
  11. Here is my post after riding the new cbr250r at the HART demo ride day.
    You can click the link in the top right to review the rest of the thread. The bike also comes with free first service if you purchase before a certain date, not sure if you have missed out on that deal yet, if you have try to push them to include that for free too.
  12. Is that the system on the 250?? I doubt it.

    The HONDA system has had the best raps of bike ABS systems. It's even smart enough to work intelligently in a curve, unlike most other bike ABS systems.

    Didn't the video show that both bikes performed equally as well? Where was the braking advantage with the ABS bike?
  13. You're right, most likely this isn't it. ABS on the little CBR is supposed to be less sophisticated than what's used on their top of the line supersports... and fair enough, I suppose. Maybe in another few years it will be standard across the whole range, but not yet. For now it's still a struggle to get any form of ABS on most of our bikes; like I was saying earlier you can't get it at all on the red/white/blue model, apparently three-colour paint prevents ABS from functioning :)
  14. ABS for bikes isn't as safe as you might think. Think about it carefully.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  15. Dyno result from Motorcycle USA review posted somewhere around here earlier (IIRC).

    The claimed figures say the Ninja makes more, but both bikes, most likely on the same dyno/same day is a pretty valid result.

    More, and at 2800 rpm less, which for most riders on the road, is better.

    Also, a more recent clip at speed. Sounds pretty good to me for a stock learner/commuter bike, but then I like singles. These should sound really good, and possibly surprisingly deep, with an aftermarket pipe (and losing some weight of the stock system) and bit of other tweaking.

  16. Saw a poor fella on one of these new cbr's stuck on the side of the road having no luck getting it running again. Didnt have time to stick around to see what the issue was but I was pretty surprised at seeing problems like that in a brand new honda.
    Also it's way too small and dainty for anyone who's not in the waif size category.
  17. Thanks for links and comments guys.

    I read somewhere that the ABS system is not as sophisticated as the more expensive bikes which makes sense, since its only a $500 premium option over standard.

    Having abs is better than having nothing even if it's only 5m difference in stopping. Mind you im a novice at riding ](*,)

    Sucks about the non abs option for tri-colour

    :D maybe he didn't check the kill switch
  18. How did you interpret the video?
  19. Thanks ResmeN.

    Free 1st service if purchased by 30th of June.

    Still got time but having a hard time finding a ABS version in stock. Just have to play the waiting game i suppose :(

    Does anyone have experience with dealer delivery ? Do they ride the bike to your house or actually load it up to a truck and bring it to your house ? Stupid question i know but i was curious about that option.

    Didn't want to ride in busy traffic until im more confident