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help! Bushes for 89 fzr250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mrp, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. 1st post, be gentle :)

    So I have my first bike getting a RWC done atm but it's taking forever because the mechanic says he has to order these front busher things from overseas. I've been told these things are just rubber circles basically so I really don't want to wait longer then I have to. I've been waiting a week already and it was supposed to be finished today but after not hearing anything I gave him a call and he tells me it's not going to be ready till at LEAST next wednsday.
    The wait is KILLING me since I'm flat broke just sitting on my ass waiting for my bike to arrive.
    Could someone point me in the right direction as to where I might be able to find these bushes. Or maybe a good wreckers for old yamaha's around melbourne? Also would any other bike model have bushes that fit mine?

    thx in advance, zac

    copy paste below for a pic

  2. Hi there. First post is usually to say hello and other intro stuff... Hello and welcome anyway :)
    I'd be asking other places if the bushes are the same as on other bikes.

    Good luck with it.
  3. I didn't see an introduction forum otherwise I would have used it :LOL:
    Been lurking here daily passed few weeks and finally had a reason to make my first post. The first of many I might add :cool:
  4. take the bike to a car mechanic that does blue slips and he will not pay attention to bushes. Is that those things that hold the swing arm in master bolts in place ?
  5. yer those are the things. Thx for the advice but I wanted to ask are bushes very vital to the bike? Apparently there almost worn completely

    hmm quote troubles :S
  6. there not vital in that ur bike will turn nuclear kill u and everyone around it.

    But if they wear to far its going to peel metal of the inside of the frame and when u put new ones in they wont work aswell as the whole they go into will be more worn ie bigger.
    This will result in sideways movement in ur swingarm=poor corner perfomance misaligned tyres.

    havin said that u probaly wont notice it and could probaly get away with a week or so of riding
  7. Wreckers to try...
    Yam Wreck (~Oakleigh)
    MotaBitz (Elizabeth Street but i think he's moved now)
    Vic Wreckers (Heidelberg)
    Global Wreckers (Dandenong)

    Congrats on the bike, and as has been suggested... if your after any specific advice for your bike head on over to www.fzr250.com.
  8. I think the bushes that he is talking about are the ones in the front suspension. If they are really worn they will make the handling dangerous.

    Don't buy second hand ones.

    You may find other yamaha models that fit, but that's what he's ordered anyway.

    It's just wait as far as I can see. Sorry to say, but that's the price of buying a grey import. Take solace in the fact that official imports aren't much better.
  9. thx for the replies fellas
    I've got big shifts at work most of this week so I think I'm just ganna sit it out and wait till the goods come to me... If I make some time though I'm ganna go check out MotaBitz.
  10. Give Craig @ Motabitz a call before you make the trip as he'll easily tell you if he's got what your looking for.