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help boots for fat foot

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Chrisco7689, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. i am looking at some riding boots... had a stack and wished i had boots then so looking for some now

    i am size 11.5 american and i have a wide foot.. i went and tried on a pair (cant remember which oone) but my foot was to wide to get down ankle part..

    any one been in same perdicument? would rahter highrise ankle support then the shoe type ones.

    price is not really important as much. but i dont need million dollar race ones just practical ones for my spirted rides.
  2. Fat feet....

    I personally, i have the same issue, I use the Steal Blue, Boots made in Perth Aus, But they are not riding boots so to speak, I would also be interested in other ppls experences im a 10 1/2 EEEE boot....

    Help i do need good riding boots.

  3. I had a similar issue when buying my riding boots. I have a very wide/broad foot and always have trouble finding shoes to fit. I ended up with a pair of Alpinestars (euro 48/US 12.5 - I'm normally a 45/11.5 or so) which fit ok but they are still a little tight to squeeze into , but once on they're fine. There doesn't seem to be anything designating a model on the boots, but they were just under $300.
  4. I have 10.5 EEE feet and yeah it sucks trying to find boots. Mostly they are made for people with skinny feet.

    One option that might work for you is to buy a pair of adventure tourer on/off road boots since they almost always have a wider ankle and taller arch design.

    They don't match sports bikes real well though :)