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Help!! Bike won't start!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tubbsy, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. I'm new in the country, just moved over from NZ to North Sydney last Wednesday. Can't be without a bike, so bought me a 93 Suzuki RF600R.

    Had an absolute cruuuunk of a time trying to get the bike rego'd with the RTA(I won't even go into it).

    Now, get home after all day fighting with the RTA, put my new plates on the bike, get on, fires up for a second or two and then dies, now it won't start??

    It turns over, but no start. It will hardly move in gear, so push start is tough. I have no mates here yet :)-({|:] so got no-one to get round to help me out, no idea what to do or where to go......appreciate any help offered or given. Kinda at wits end.
  2. Not sure how your doing with cash, since u just arrived in OZ, but give this bloke a call, his name is Mark and hes a mobile motorcycle mechanic, he will go to your place to fix

    Sydney Mobile Motorcycle & Scooter Repairs

  3. Kill switch?
  4. Awesome, thank you, will do
  5. No, not kill switch. I'm not that much of a noob. 8-[
  6. Welcom to the oz :D

    Pull your spark plugs and check thier condition, check that your battery leads arn't loose, and do you know if the bike has been sitting a while? Gunk can build up in the carbs.

    And tech problems usually go in this forum

    Edit: damn ninja'd
  7. Hi, cheers

    I think it had been sitting awhile, no idea how to clear the carbs or anything myself though. Bike is turning over, just not firing up.
  8. Could also be bad fuel then. Drain the fuel from the carbs, disconnect the fuel line from the tank, hook up the dummy tank and see if she fires up.

    With most sports bikes you have to remove the fairing (if it has any), fueltank and airbox to get access to the carbs, then you can pull the the carbs out. Then you need to remove the bowl (bottom of the carb), that gives you access to the jets so you can check for gunk or a glaze that builds up over time.

    If you're good with spanners and recon you can stick it back together as well as pull her apart then you can have a go yourself, otherwise find a good mechanic, do a few searches for recomendations (I think there is a services forum near the bottom of the index page?)
    Hope that helps ;D
  9. I have no tools, and nowhere to work on it, so will need to get to the mechanics somehow I think. Just spoke to the guy I bought her from, he reckons the carbs have had an overhaul. It also went through blue slip inspection a few days ago. Any chance it could be flooded? Second time I tried to start I used the choke and was rewarded with a backfire, but that's all.
  10. try starting it with full throttle
    (thats how u start flooded bikes)
  11. Just managed to run start it down one of the ramps in my building carpark. It sounds rough as guts, is idling at under 1000rpm, if it idles at all, and the engine almost sounds clunky?

    That can't be good can it? It also has close to zero power. Rode it up the car park ramps and it struggled to get up them?
  12. UPDATE!! Just run started it again, let it idle for a bit till it warmed up, the idling went from 500 rpm to 1500 rpm, and the idling became smooth and all the power is back. Does this mean nothing is wrong, or something small is up, or something had to work its way through, or I dunno??? :-s
  13. Ride it for a week and see.
  14. Yeh....will do.
  15. What I do is hold the starter button and gradually wind open the throttle. It will fire when the right air:fuel mixture is found.

    If the bike had been sitting for a while the bowls might have been mostly empty. So try using the Prime position on the tap.

    where did you end up living Tubbsy?
  16. Hiya mate

    We're living in Crows nest for the time being while job searching, then will decide on a location.
  17. Sorry missed the second page. This would suggest water or dirt in the petrol. You cleared it out and now it should be fine.
  18. He he, nice. Only problem now is that it seems to idle too high at 2000rpm.
    Hmm....took it to a mechanic shop and they want $450 for a basic service....?!?!?!? Is that normal?
  19. depends what a basic service is. sounds a bit high.

    There should be an idle knob on that bike. some models brought it out to the side of the bike. others have it in the middle of the carbies at the bottom.
  20. http://motorbikemanuals.blogspot.com/2008/07/suzuki-rf600-service-manual.html

    Download this, and look at Periodic Maintenance, Carburettor, to find the location of the Idle screw (it's on the left hand side just behind the fairing, should be about 1350rpm).

    The fact that it just got a Blue slip only means the lights work, and it's not stolen......

    Where did you go for a quote on a service? Lloyd Penn is nearby to you and do a very good job. If you dont know it's service history then I would recommend new oil and filter, new air filter, new plugs, and a carb tune and new coolant and brake fluid. They should also check head bearings, brake pads, set the chain and lube/adjust all cables. They will also tell you what issues the bike has if any, and what to look out for. If you can change your own oil every 5000ks in between times, then a "once a year love session" for $450 with a proper mechanic is a good way to go. If you're short of cash and need to keep the bill down by doing some of this yourself just shout, I can help.

    I had an RF600 years ago, it was a great bike, but needed the odd thrashing to stop it running like poo, the carbs seemed to gum up when commuting on it.