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Help! Bike won't start... =(

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by aldrich_87, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Woke up this morning looking forward to a morning cruise. Only to find my ZXR250 won't start.

    Battery is new and perfectly fine...

    Tried Clutch starting it down steep hills etc.

    I had a GPX250 before that did the same thing, but was fine after the carby was cleaned.

    DO you think it's the same problem? If so.. is it easy to clean the carborator on the bike?
  2. Very easy. First, check theres petrol. Yes? Ok, now check the tap is 'on'. Yes? Hmmm.

    Now check the battery - do the lights work? If so, check the contacts of the battery. Clean them and reconnect to bike. Try starting again.

    If that doesn't work, try the spark plugs. They old/black/scungy? Clean them and test them by cranking with the plugs grounded to the engine block. If they don't spark then buy new plugs. If in doubt, buy new ones anyway.

    If after all this the bike doesn't start, then clean the carbies. Generally the float bowl will undo from the bottom of the carburettors (after you've removed fuel lines and taken the carbs out of the bike) and you can then clean the jets with a pipe-cleaner.

    Cheers mate - boingk
  3. What do you mean by not starting? Starter not turning over? Motor turning over but not firing? Firing and trying to start but stalling?

    There are lots of things which will cause a bike not to run. You need to start trying to eliminate what is working and get down to what isn't.

    Checking for spark as said above is a good start. However if it comes to carbies, personally I wouldn't go poking stuff down my jets.
  4. Any symptoms prior to this problem?
    Stuffed reg/rec can stop the bike from starting too.

    You need 3 things for fire. Air, Fuel, Spark.

    Which one are you missing?

    More info required me thinks....
  5. thanks guys... i replaced the air filter, and its like a totally new bike =D