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HELP: Bike won't start, broke down!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by knifepoint, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. hey guys, got a big problem here,

    I have a Honda Lead 100 scooter, bought in july this year brand new, had an accident on it and a shop in the city fixed it. fast forward to now,

    yesterday I filled up a full tank of unleaded at caltex service station in brighten-le-sands, I rode from there down along the highway, I heard a "hiss" like sound coming from the bike, thought nothing of it and kept riding, when I got to the helensburg turn off, it made the same sound - then died, then after that it wouldn't start at all. I thought perhaps a dead battery, but just bought a replacement and put it in, still won't start.

    so now I am at a loss as to why this thing won't start, Swann Insurance (who I reccomend never going with, WORST insurance company EVER) won't even answer their hotline phones because its the weekend, and I am stuck 100km's away from home with no help of getting this bike going or getting back home anytime soon.

    This is still under warranty from Action in the city, but how on earth am I going to get it to their shop ? I'm miles away!

    I just need to get the damn thing going again so I can take it into the shop so they can fix it properly once and for all!

  2. OK, first of all you must be at some sort of civilisation, othewise how did you post? (Yes, in gentler circles Helensburgh is considered to be civilised).
    So is the bike with you, or did you leave it out on the road? Better still, give me a call on (0413) 055 088 and let's see if we can help.....
  3. I got my bike to my cousins garage in Corrimal,

    I bought a new battery from a shop in Wollongong, but no go. Could it be possible that it's the petrol that's buggered in it?
  4. So you are stuck in Corrimal? Boy, you are in trouble :LOL:

    Can you get to the fuel line and drain all the fuel out of the tank, get to a garage and fill up with clean fuel? If you have to stay down here, I recommend you contact Steve at Maxpower Motorcycles. He's in Bellambi Lane, just on the Sydney side of Corrimal, and he'd certainly be able to help you. Phone number is 4285 9793
  5. ...

    If it is still under warranty, then you should be able to call the shop where you bought it from and they should organise your bike to any dealer of the same brand nearby, etc.

    The problem being it is the weekend. At least it is at your cousin's and you're not stuck on the side of the road.

    It might be Monday until you can contact the shop, so either stay at your cousins, or if you have something desperate to do, you might have to leave your bike there and borrow his car, etc.

    In the alternative, if you have a car with towball, you can hire trailers from Bunnings and some servos. BUT I think it is the shop's responsibility to transport the under warranty bike and I wouldn't spend money and then expect them to reimburse you.

    I'd wait for THEM to organise the transport.

    Just my two cents. If I can help at all in any other way (live down here at Wollongong, call me on zerofour225ateninefive49.

    MaxPower motorcycle mechanic at Belambi is also my mechanic.

    Kind regards,

  6. thanks for your advice guys, I had a crash four months ago and Action/Swann Insurance still haven't got it fixed, it's a joke honestly.

    I'll get my partner to call them on monday (she is more demanding) and tell them I want it fixed properly or to just replace it, I'm sick of being run-around by these guys. I looked at the engine, over the grill is a piece of white plastic, that has been broken/snapped too and they obviously didn't fix that either.

    ontop of all of this, all I want really is my bike back so I can get around, to work, home, etc!

    and now it's probably going to be weeks, if Action have anything to do about it, months, before I can even ride it again.
  7. okay, update now,

    I rang Action they said not their problem that it's broken down it's not covered under warranty to transport it anywhere so that I have to sort it out myself.

    I rang Swann Insurance the guy said "what are you bothering me for? not my problem"

    so now I'm gonna chuck it in the back of my cousins ute and tomorrow arvo hopefully get it back to Action in the city,

    what I want to know is; it's been four months since I had an accident and they were meant to fix it, it's not fixed and I got it back with screws still missing, pieces loose, etc, now it's well and truly frigged - with the motor guard all broken inside, which is obviously covered under warranty, but I don't want to have to deal with these dickheads anymore unless they are going to fix it properly!