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Help! Bike drinking oil - UPDATED

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by sonja, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. As I posted in the wrong spot (sorry mods!), the bike is sucking oil like a dying man with water.

    I came home after leaving her on the centrestand with oil in her. No oil on the ground. Nothing leaking (visibly).

    Start up bike, rev bike for a while (cringe at how loud it is at 10,000rpm), check the exhausts for spray. Nothing. No smoke, either.

    I checked the oil after this short running, and almost half of it had gone!!

    I'll leave it running for a lot longer next time (weekend), and see how that goes, as well as talking to the mechanic I took it to.

    I even pulled the whole fairing off it to see if I could see any better. I could, but it made no difference.

    Anyone able to give a little more advice?
  2. is the bike water or air cooled?

    there are ONLY 3 posibilities.

    Its burning it.
    It's leaking out.
    It's getting in to the water (and water would leak out)

    there is NO other choices realy
  3. How long did you wait after shutting the engine off before you checked the oil?
  4. This might seem like a dumb reply, and I apologise if you've already considered this, but...

    Are you reading the sight-window the right way? If the bike is "empty"when the engine is off, is it really empty, or is it over-filled to the point that the backing-plate behind the sight-window is completely obscured and merely appears to be empty because you can't see the "fill" mark?

    Secondly, you are taking all your readings with the motor off, aren't you?

    If the window is half-full before you run it and completely empty shortly after, the oil isn't magically disappearing. It's either burning, dripping or spraying, or sitting in the oilways and galleries, slowly draining back into the sump. The only other place I could imagine it being is in the rocker cover - which would mean a blocked return oilway, but that seems very unlikely.

    I'd suggest a draining all the oil and checking the volume you remove against the prescribed volume of oil from your manual.

    Now refill with the recommended amount and then check the oil level with the bike on the centre-stand. Go for a ride, let the bike sit for 30mins and check the level through the window (again, on the centrestand). If it has dropped, we have a problem.

    Again, apologies if I'm going over ground you've already covered.
  5. Sounds like sound advice to me.
  6. Best time to check the oil level is at least 30 minutes after turning off a hot engine. Do the check while the bike is on its center stand.
  7. Chairman, thanks. It's really good advice.

    I have been careful in checking the window. If there's nothing visible, she's bone-dry.

    I suspect that (given past history) if anywhere, it would be in the rocker covers. I had two rockers replaced along with the cam about a year ago...

    I'll see what else I can do.

    I'll be talking to Axle (where I took it to get serviced, a great place) during lunch to see what they say.
  8. Update


    I spoke to Axle, and he also doesn't sound terribly optimistic about it. He asked me to bring it in so he can have a look tomorrow. :)

    I'll be doing that, and waiting anxiously for the results. :eek:hno:

    Just in case, though, I bought Just Bikes.... :?

    Meanwhile, I hope to get plastered tonight. It's been a horrific week.
  9. Just because there isnt anything visible in the window doesnt mean there is no oil, the sump is a lot deeper than just the window.
    Also a mate of mine overfilled his oil and kept filling it coz he couldnt see the bubble in the window. It can be difficult to see if the oil is clean, so might be over full not empty.

    Not saying that it is, but just a couple of things to check.
  10. Well.

    I took people's advice and tried to run her for a bit last night. She just wouldn't stay warm, so every time I rolled off the throttle, the revvs dropped and she'd almost crap out on me.

    Eventually she did and wouldn't start again. I ran the battery down trying to get her started again, and now she's disc-locked outside the house.

    I'm calling Canberra Motorcycle Centre later to see if they can pick her up and look at her for me.

    This, combined with sh!t at work has <sarcasm> really made my week </sarcasm> :mad:

  11. It's a very strange problem you have here.....but the fact it wouldn't stay warm probably rules out head gasket failure and lack of oil to the engine.
    As to where the mystery oil is going, there aren't too many invisible places on a bike!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Very odd indeed... keep us updated on what your mechanic says please Sonja.

    *edit* typo
  13. Thanks, and I will.

    It is also possible that she's just using the oil. what's in there now is a 10w40, where I was using 15w50 before.

    But I'll just wait and see.
  14. bike is level and upright? (not on sidestand) could be added to chairman's bit.
  15. Yeah, it is. Also sitting on a level surface.

    I've got Canberra Motorcycle Centre collecting her tomorrow, since I wore out the battery trying to get her started last night.
  16. God I feel stooooopid.

    I left the fuel tap "OFF". Hence the failing to start.

    BUT it's all sounding okay for now. I won't get her back until Monday afternoon, but preliminary tests from CMC sound positive.
  17. Okay, the official word is that she's running fine.

    I'll be putting heavier (15w50) oil in her when I get a hold of it, and seeing if she holds it a little longer.
  18. Well that's good. If you have oil issues, you may have to step up to an even thicker oil in summer. I'd try maybe a 25w/60 in summer. The second number denotes the oil's thickness at temperature, which is what you want in summer, whilst the first number is it's thickness when cold, you want something thin enough to flow well in colder temperatures.
    The old Z liked a thicker oil, but it was air cooled.....
    How many km's on teh bike?

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. :rofl:
    The odometer is broken. She will never read 11,000km. I've put on at least that again.

    As to the oils, what's in it at the moment is 10w40, the lightest recommended by the manual. I think the heaviest recommended is 20w50. She's run fine in summer before with no trouble, but I'll keep that in mind.
  20. Soooo, how's the bike?

    Regards, Andrew.