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HELP!!!!!! Big EFFUP on new bike...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Grunge, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Firstly...

    Guys, I rilly rilly rilly need help here.
    Let me explain.

    I got a new fender eliminator from ebay, and to cut a long story short I've got a shaved top nut which is screwed and I'm unable to take out.
    I just spent 2 hours trying to reverse the process with no luck.

    I know I may not sound coherent, tha'ts because I'm pissed beyond belief and after spending about 4 hours on just the fender eliminator, I just seriously am beyond what to do.

    Can anyone help me out or some one who's more mechanically experienced?

    Basically I've got a shaved nut fitted into a space that is slightly bigger, meaning that it doesn't catch or grip enough for me to be able to unscrew.
    And it's in a very hard area to make grip well.
    Does anyone know a mobile mechanic or can help me with it perhaps tomorrow evening? I will pay in cash, and I'm quite sure to someone who's experienced it'll prolly be a cinch to remove.

    I really just want to get my bike going again.. (and remind me never to try DIY shit like this. I always get fukked over, and not because I'm mechanically incompetent.) *sigh*
  2. Can you take a pic and whack it up so we can see what your up against..
    I know how you are feeling right now, but dont stress mate it can be sorted..
  3. Thanks Blue14... your words do help me.

    just took a quick shower to clean up and managed to think of what happened and how I can describe my problem better:

    basically, I bought myself one of these:


    and I'm stuck at undoing step 6. (If you look at the PDF you'll see a picture of what it looks like.)

    Why I'm having trouble is because it uses the shaved nut to fit into the square hole so you can tighten/loosen. (The square being the only square hole on the eliminator itself - you can see it on the pic of it next to the blue bike)

    THe problem is that that square hole is slightly bigger, therefore allowing the shaved nut to spin in it. I've managed to tighten it however, now can't loosen it, as the tightening process has given the square hole some grooves so it just bascially spins around.

    I'm not sure how to get it out as the nut and bolt are very SNUG because of a rubber spacer, and when I try to use pliers to try to grip it, it just slips.

    Hope that makes sense....
  4. They go through the side bits with the square holes yes ??

    Step 6 is putting it together though, so why do you want to loosen it ??

    Is there any room at all at the top or shaved end to fit vice grips ??
  5. Hmmm, not sure here, can you not get it all back together somehow so you can get to someone to look at it?

    Be cool, it can be fixed somehow
  6. If you can fit a decent set of pliers on the shaved head you could loosen it i reckon Johnny. I have pretty strong hands and have undone some things that i thought i was stuffed with, so thats why i reckon some vice grips would be the go for him..
  7. I started taking it back out as it wouldn't have fitting my License Plate.
    That's when I had trouble taking the nut out.
    I can just barely fit alligator pliers to give it grip, which is kept trying for the last 3 hours after I put it together.
    Stupid thing...
    The only other option to keep it is to drill holes in my plates... I think... so it fits.
  8. Can you fit pliers between the head and rubber to grip the square part ??
  9. Yes, just a couple of times... and I tried to grip it as hard as I could... but it kept slipping.... grrr...
    I spent about 1 hour doing that and my hands are raw now... :-(
  10. Ok well it will be able to come off i am sure..

    I assume its a nyloc nut as well ?

    Mate have you got another pair of pliers, multigrips or vicegrips you can squeeze the pliers together gripping the bolt with..
  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. yeap. Nyloc nut.. I'll try again tommorrow.. Fingers Crossed.
  13. Vicegrips are your best friend. You will be surprised how much better they are than normal pliers.
  14. Yeah... except I think a vicegrip wouldn't fit in that spot... *sigh*

    and I've prolly scratched the hell out of the bike trying to put the alligator grips in anyways...

  15. Hmmm...maybe of asian origin?

    In oz and most of the rest of the world the part they are calling a "shave nut" is called a coach bolt. The square shoulder on the bolt is meant to hold inside an equally square and close fitting hole in the bracket.

    However, being plastic, and having the resistance of a nyloc nut being turned, it's no wonder the square recess has rounded out so that the bolt turns.

    You will need the extra leverage of adjustable multigrip pliers - the ones with a slot at the hinge so that you can enlarge them to fit whatever size object (within reason) that you have. Get a good set - cheapies made in india or china frequently are not square in the jaws andd so won't grip correctly or will slip off.

    As long as the top of the coachbolt is visible above the plastic you will be able to grip it. Vise grips are not the best for this sort of thing - they are meant for clamping two components together.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS You should be able to get replacement bolts and nyloc nuts at Bunnings or Mitre10. The bolts might need to be "shaved" down if they are too long. ;-)
  16. Thanks guys for all your advices, I really appreciate your helps.

    I hate it that I'm so anal retentive that I lost sleep over this. Bleh. Sucks to be me. :(

    Trev, There's a bolt place nearby which should have the product. I will try to get it from there.

    In the mean time, I'm actually thinking about just not even trying to remove the damn thing (took me so much to get it on anyways.)

    The only thing is, I would probably need to drill holes into my license plate to ensure that it would fit into the space that it's supposed to. (funnily enough, the holder for the plates can't accomodate the edges of Australian plates!!!)

    My question for advice is: Should I do this? or just attempt to remove the damn thing altogether. Being that if I ever want to remove it, it'll be very difficult.
  17. :shock: :shock:
  18. Hardy har har guys... (Gimmie a week after it's fixed I'll be laughing about it.)

  19. you can get needle nose vice grips. that'll do the job. drill your number plate or use zip ties like i do hahah.
  20. Needle nose Vice... got it.. I'll get a pair tonight.