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Help! Bent Handlebars

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Captain Insano, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Hello all you lovely/friendly/helpful souls out there,

    3 pm on christmas eve and the security gard rings me to tell me someone was leaning on my beloved VTR250 and knocked it over. I park outside my work at docklands and some no--brainer decided he was gonna smoke his cigarette while leaning on my bike and ran off after dropping it. To my dismay the bars are now bent and its very uncomfortable to ride. I tried peter stevens in the city (melbourne) and the very unfriendly/ rude salesman on the phone simply said there was nothing in stock but could order one for me for a heafty price tag and would arrive in about 2 weeks.
    My problem is i spent too much ($800) last week getting it serviced (at peter Stevens itself) and am now very tight for cash for a few weeks at least!

    Can someone please help me out with getting my handlebars replaced at the lowest price possible. I am not mechanically minded and can't do it myself. Also i have just finished my restriction period and was planning to save up for something bigger and so do not wanna spend much.

    I heard somewhere that ducati monster bars also make good replacement for VTR 250 ones and the riding position is much better, is this true? I wouldn't mind getting a better/lower riding position as it will still be a few months before i can upgrade.

    Please Help!! This is my only means of transport!!
  2. I got Renthal ultra low bars over the counter at Peter Stevens for $80. Not a bad price in my opinion.

    Either that or you can try a wreckers but i would buy bars from a crashed bike, there is no way of knowing if they are stressed or straightened etc
  3. Photos of bars




  4. They do look nice and $80 less than half of what i was quoted at peter stevens, i would still have to pay someone else to swap it over though!! any ideas on what that would cost?

    I like the barends you have on, thought of getting em myself but i need to be small enough to get in between the morning rush to the city!
  5. Thats sound advice and i agree. No telling what they have been through. Myine bent a lot when dropped while parked... luckly the bar end weights i had put on prevented more scratching, But the steel on the exhaust is a little dented (there goes the resale value i'm thinking and my brag rights for never dropping the Vtr)
  6. I can sort of sympathize with you mate. I once had my oil filler cap go missing while I was at work and did not find out that it had disappeared until I got home! So lucky me and the bike were okay.
  7. any bars that are 7/8 will fit the clamps,
    not hard to swap over, worst bit is drilling hole for the throttle mount.
  8. But you do have to make sure that things like throttle cable(s) etc will still reach and have enough slack.
  9. if you were doing a show bike......
    the amount of slack is negligable. some will be taken for the added width. and as long as you dont go above the standard height/rise, reach doesnt really matter.
  10. I like the look of the Renthal ultra low's as in the pics above but will have a closer look at other options available out there too that are in my budget. I only plan to get a bit low profile in my riding position so the amount of slack should not be much of an issue (or so i hope). Hopefully i get it done ASAP and will put up pics of what it looks like. Thanks for the tips guys!! You are all legends in my book already!!
  11. I know... the thought of parking my bike on the streets is something i constantly worry about but can do nothing much about specially when the alternative is a $15 a day car park :tantrum:
  12. Yeah that's true, I was thinking it could matter if you wanted the bars higher than stock. Wouldn't mind having a chat about it if we're ever in the same place same time again, I'm quite curious about how handlebar height/rise/sweep etc work.
    Well it's good that you really care about your bike mate.