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Help; Beard & Moustashe championships!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Heya all;

    Thanks for those who advised on the flute stuff, but I think this might entertain you lot a bit more.

    On new years eve I had a shave, that was the last one I had. Up until then, I'd never grown a beard longer then a month. This was me at January 23rd(ish) this year. I threw that image up on stalkbook and asked friends to vote keep it or loose it. Well, I kept it.

    This was it in June 11th;


    With a little moustash wax to style it. This was a crappy phone photo from a friend 3 nights ago also.

    Now, a week or so ago, I was sitting in my local with a half pint and whisky chilling out after work. Some random walks up with the full handlebar moustash (no beard) and we have a 10minute chat about handle bar club in London, British beards, stylings, wax's and products etc.

    Tonight I was having the same cheeky post work whisky when I ran into him again, and he informed me the the British Beard and Moustash Championships were on in Brighton south England on the 15th September, and that I should enter.

    I have two dilemers, whether to enter or not, and mainly, what catagory to enter under? This is what I'm asking you to help with.

    Here are the basic entry catagories;


    So, any advice, comments, previous experiences etc?


    (awaits flak of piss taking, abuse, jealous idiots and flaming!)
  2. Do it for sure!

  3. mate go for it, you have a slight Ned Kelly look about you lol go for it, if anything, have a drink for us :)
  4. for sure, you gotta enter with that effort
  5. Ned Kelly look for sure!

    Epic beard!!!
  6. What style should I enter under??? I have to choose one on the entry form...
  7. Natural full beard with styled moustache!
  8. none of those categories exactly suit your beard at this stage, but I say, give them a call and suggest a Ned Kelly category and go for it!
  9. mate see if you can find an old hat and put it on as well, reckon you'd do well, good luck and keep us posted
  10. Is there a "toilet brush" category, sorry mate, only joking, natural full beard, styled mustache would be my pic for you young fella.
  11. Top hat and monocle...

  12. magnu farkin feek !! lol
  13. Brownny in a few years time:

  14. I have one of those 'old man' tweed hats, which I actually wear about day to day... maybe I'll enter with that. Although I did consider the top hat and a cane thingo to go with my suit.

    hahahaha, I had a mate from Canada say the exact same thing about that phone camera photo...

    Styed moustash with natural full beard it is!!

    Thanks and I'll post the results once the event occurs on the 15th September...
  15. [​IMG]

    Well deserved win IMO! Gratz mate. :)
  16. Well done browny old chap, do we all get an autographed pic for our contribution?
  17. That's GOLD mate. Haha. Well done! (so proud to be Ausie right now!!)
  18. Nice work!

    Wish work allowed me to grow a beard like that.
  19. I'd love to take a run at growing mine out that far, unfortunately I have to keep it 'neat and tidy' which at Crown means short because they're dinosaurs. Love your work man, any man who can grow a beard, should grow a beard, and you most certainly grow a damned fine beard. As I posted in one of your old stalking threads, with great beard comes great responsibility.