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Help! Baffle removal for VTR 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr GT, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hi all :grin:

    I have been pondering whether I should remove the baffle from my VTR 250. My mothers sewing machine sounds better than the bike. I'm not to sure of the complexity of doing so, I dont want damage anything. Although, I am aware that it takes a drill bit and a screwdriver to do so and I have read some rough online guides as well.

    Just as a comparison and perhaps avoiding a stupid mistake, I called an exhaust shop in Slacks Creek for a quote to remove one (Exhaust Professionals I think).

    $290 to remove baffles for a straight through stock can... I also asked if there were any adversities if I got it done. ie engine damage or the likes and he said none whatsover.

    Does this $$ sound reasonable? Or does anyone know who would do it for cheaper. I am aware of aftermarket units but the money tree needs to be planted first :shock: for my uprgrade! :cool:

    Thanks everyone!

    Mr GT

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    $300 to smash a long pointy object through the uninspiring stock muffler, or to spend $100-200 more and have a really sweet sounding, good looking stainless-steel glass pack muffler like the Megacycle? Hmm.

    Either do the bafflectomy yourself for $free, or get a real glasspack. :)
  4. You know, recording that sewing machine and syncing it with the engine revs via some MIDI software could be the go.

    The real problem with debaffling a J exhaust is that the baffle(s) are usually connected to the wall of the silencer in at least 2 positions: the front and the back.

    It's a big job for the home handyman because you will need to cut off the ends and then weld them back on again - hence the $290 for a pro job.

    The alternative does not sound all that good because it makes a sort of furting sound, which is why others are trying to discourage you.

    However, since it is your bike, your money and your sensibilities which will be assailed, you cannot lose much by drilling out those silly holes in the back of the pong box. You will get a louder furting sound but it might just be more pleasant than the no-sound of the standard box.

    Let's face it: if the morons who ride harleys with open pipes can get away with that obnoxity, you should be able to get away with a little extra furting here and there.

    It is the size of the holes in a muffler which determine its overall sound. The bigger the outlet hole the deeper the sound. Sort of. well, pretty well, actually.

    All the best :)

    Trevor G
  5. Thanks Trev
    Yeah was thinking of drilling some holes and if it did sound really gey... well then I would have no choice but to fit a nice neptune or roo racing :) the stainers are a bit steep :( cat back a/m exhausts for cars arent even close to these prices. :mad:
  6. Remember that car exhausts and mufflers generally don't need the same amount of finishing or polishing that bikes ones do..


  7. was sitting around in the garage last night with some friends and i decided to remove the baffle on my vtr250. wasn't the easiest job as we went in blind and found out that its connected 150mm inside the exhaust to another pipe but after so serious thinking and various tools, it was out. i was planning on buying an aftermarket exhaust for the vtr but im happy with the way it sounds now so might just wait. not worth paying any money to do it but just be aware that its a little bit of work to get the sucker out if you wanted to do it yourself.
  8. Hi everyone. After a few months of vtr exhaust research i decided to go for a MADAZ racing muffler and i think its awsome. It has a Very deep sound and the engine seems to rev more freely. $580 at mornington honda. I think its a great choice. It was a hard decision between MADAZ or STAINTUNE. Hope that helps.
  9. I had some Ducati stock exhausts modified at the exhaust professionals for around the same price and they sounded great afterwards. It's not just a bafflectomy, they will put a straight perforated pipe through the centre and pack it with fibreglass. In effect you are getting a similar design to the performance pipes, just in the stock cans.