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Featured Help ... Bad luck with my first bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by crembz, May 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all, so I got my first bike this weekend, vt250 spada, started it a few times and ridden up and down the driveway practicing u turns this morning.

    After about 2 laps of the driveway, my clutch handle went loose and the bike stalled. I realized the cable was no longer attached, the end had come off the cable at the handle.

    I thought ah bugger but no biggie, it's just a cable right? Well for the life of me I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere online. So the bike is now sitting at the end of my driveway which is very steep and I have no clear path to getting a replacement.

    Can anyone suggest a part # which is compatible?

    I also have a problem with the petcock only working if it's in reserve, apparently leaks in the on position. Again, can't find a replacement anywhere. Anyone know what bike is part compatible with the spada? Thanks heaps.

  2. Try calling around the motorcycle wreckers to see if they have the parts you need.

    To get the bike back up the driveway, you could roll start or push start the bike and ride it up. You might have to use kill switch when you get it back into the garage.
  3. Have you tried a Honda dealer? Probably where I'd start.

    For second hand part you could try VicWreck (Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers) in Heidelberg Vic.

    Your sig doesn't say where in Australian you are from (a suburb really helps) but if not from Melbourne, VicWreck will post stuff, so still worth giving them a call.
  4. well I'd get your VIN and call your nearest dealer tomorrow.
  5. Thanks guys, I'll try the dealers in the morning. Any suggestions which are grey import friendly?

    I'm out in emerald Victoria. I found Dandenong motorcycle wreckers and eastern motorcycle wreckers on Google. If I had a list of part compatible bikes it might make the search a little easier.

    I would have thought that the newer vtr250 would be pretty close. Can anyone confirm?
  6. I'm pretty sure that the Spada was never sold new in Australia so they're all grey market imports. The main problem I've come across with grey imports is getting parts from Australian suppliers.

    One option is buying from one of the overseas online bike shops and getting it sent direct to you from overseas.

    Another option is getting a universal cable made up from scratch. The mob below have universal cable kits. You may be able to get a kit from some of the classic bike suppliers.

  7. hi crembz take a couple of photos of the cable the way it's routed then take cable off bike go to bike shop and they will match up an aftermarket one for you
  8. Thanks ZRX1200R, I'll keep that in my back pocket in case things don't go well tomorrow. Problem is I can't find much about the spada in online shops here, UK or US.

    I had thought that the vt250 may be part compatible with some locally sold bikes. I mean I doubt very much that Honda made new parts for all their bike models. Would it be part compatible with say the Honda Bros/Hawk or interceptor sold in the US?
  9. Hey mate, I've already pulled the cable out and have it in my car ready to drive down to somewhere tomorrow. I've got a list a few places to call around, hopefully someone can help me out. Pretty simple really, goes from the clutch lever to the front of the bike, up behind and across the forks and to the lever. Not much in the way of brackets or anything holding it in place.
  10. Let me know how you get on. Mine snapped on the way home last week. I've been meaning to pick one up from the wreckers. But I'll just order new online if you find a match to something like the VTR250.
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  12. Bad luck alright - I'm guessing this was a private sale rather than a dealer? Sorry, I can't help, but might be worth trying to find out when the bike last had a service.
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  13. Try searching for someone who can make cables. Some small shops that fix and sell older bikes can make clutch and throttle cables.
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  14. Re leak: Depending what is causing the leak, it can probably be fixed without going the route of a whole fuel petcock. What I would explore:

    ebay - look for petcock rebuild kits. These will contain all gaskets and seals.

    If you know its the O ring - ( leaking around the tap itself) google "o ring". These can be bought by size. A shop that rebuilds carburettors might have one which fits, or you might be able to measure and just order one. You'll need to tie the tap apart to find the part and measure it.
  15. Welcome to the world of grey imports!
  16. Honda did import the Spada for 1 year. Tell the dealer it is a 1990 Spada.

    I also think the clutch cable is close enough to the newer VTR250.
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  17. Private sale from a mate ... He was very apologetic, even had the thing serviced before he handed it over to me. Not his fault I suppose $hit happens.

    I ended up getting a new cable put together by Brett at mad biker ... 30 minute job :D

    Petcock is about $250 genuine ... Haven't found any alternative, it's a pretty unique design. He said he can rebuild it, but couldn't guarantee it would fix the problem. I'm only going by what my mate told me about the leak ... Leaks in the on position so he kept it in reserve. No idea whether it's an internal or external leak.

    Now I just need to figure out a way out onto the road safely, I live on a busy country road with an 80km/h... Most are doing 100 out there, no back streets to practice on.
  18. Thanks for the tip ... It's a '90 spada Mr dealer :)
  19. Does it leak in the off position?
    Removing the tank is easy, same with the petcock. Pull it apart, clean and put it back together. If you aren't comfortable with this. Leave it in reserve and just fill up every 140km's.
  20. Basically On/Res makes no difference ... In the 'On' position, it will drain all the fuel all the way down anyway. Not sure this is a 'leak' per se. More like a malfunction.