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Help anyone. (ZZR-250 Problem, maybe to do with fuel?)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by stokedpaz, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. I was riding home Saturday night when my bike started to idle really low and I had to keep adding throttle so that it didn't stall. Then when I took off at the next set of lights there was a massive lag before the throttle kicked in.
    I got it home just before it stalled. Tried to start it yesterday and it made a big clunk sound when it went to tick over. Wouldn't start, but kept trying. I noticed some petrol on the ground too just under the tank. Just a small patch.

    Just started it then and it sounded alright for about a minute then started to idle really low again. I can really smell petrol now, not sure if it is running through exhaust?

    Anyway I rang a few places and they do not think it is going to be something that is easy to fix in short time. That would be okay, however I have a track day booked for this coming Monday. Please tell me this can be fixed easily, and quickly.

    Any ideas?

    Oh sorry, it is a 2002 zzr-250.

  2. cracked fuel hose?
    dead pump? (assuming it runs a pump.....)
  3. Thanks mate, If it is one of those would it be fixable before Monday?
  4. providing you have some idea what you're doing and the required parts, absolutely
  5. I would check your fuel cock for leaks. And then petrol lines.
    Not a bad idea to make sure the air filter is clean too.
  6. Poor ZZR =[ if you need a manual I have an online version, depending on your year make
  7. I have the exact same symptons with my bike, ive cleaned the carbies etc, and next step i need to go throught the fuel lines and hoses i think.
    How much would it cost at the mechanics?