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help anyone? please

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by drzexa, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. hmm well I'm kind of at a loss at the moment and am hoping the wiser of the members can offer some advice, help well pretty much anything...at this stage..
    I have a bike 11 cbr250rr (with now two battle scars from drops in driveways) yep, twice now! Im unsure if I'm just an unco or if Its not the right height whilst I'm still grasping the basics but I'm not sure where to go from here.
    I dont want to get rid of the thing yet, but after 1000 kays (I wanted to do the ride on saturday in melb, but was unsure how I'd go as I seem to get even more nervous and more unco the more riders around me) Instead I opted to go on a 4 hour round trip to my parents (who are now beside themselves after a drop in their driveway and oh my god how sore am I after that length ride given how horridly windy it was too) :(
    Is it normal for me to be like this, as once Im in traffic I seem to be ok (unless there is a hill start around then im screwed lol)
    Should I get the bike lowered as tippy toes isnt ideal?
    Does it get easier?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated....as I'm not sure how I'm feeling right now.

  2. In time everything gets easier but you do need to practice. I know you tend to think in traffic you are OK but you never know when you are going to need those slow speed skills so I would personally avoid this till you improve your skills a little.

    Its not uncommon to feel nervous especially once you've dropped it but the trouble is if you are too nervous it will actually affect your riding rather than let you focus on improving.

    Take you time do a course or meet up with some that can offer advice - There might be a few freaks out there that can get on a bike from day one and can de everything expertly but for us mere mortals we do need a bit of training. After that you'll never look back.
  3. @ traffic speeds the bike is more stable. You don't drop at those speeds you crash.
    So what you have to do is your slow speed work. I did a write up on it so I wont repeat myself. Do a search for so you want to ride a motorcycle.
    Read it and give it at least fifteen minutes a day practice and you will be fine in a week.
  4. If your not comfortable on tippy toes, certainly get it lowered a bit.
    The more comfortable you feel with the bike, without the feeling that you will drop it when stopped, then the easier it will all come about to you.

    If you have a friend that rides, then ask them to take you out, for a bit of one on one, so you might feel even that bit more at ease when in traffic whilst you are starting out....
  5. ahh robbie slow speeds I'm ok seems I"m shithouse when stopped lol. As in prior to take off from driveway. Moreso a balance thing, maybe because I cant touch the ground?? Once going I seem to be fine.
    Each time I've dropped it, Ive got back on immediately and off I went..
    Bretto61 Ive read through your write ups, they are awesome, absolutely awesome. I guess I'm just more worried now as I've done it bloody twice.
    Yes grange I think I might have to, alternatively I just avoid all driveways hahahhahaa

    I ve done one on one for an hour or so and I have my ps. But it seems this recent dropping has me rattled.....bad.
  6. You sound like me :) Dont give up. There is no way in hell I am giving up my bike even if I do suck at it at the moment and I dont want to get it lowered either. We'll both get better with time. Can you get to the saturday practise sessions? I think they will help both of us. I've only been to one. I celebrate every hundred kms I dont drop the bike while stopped :)
  7. The best advice I got given on the choc mill ride was to STOP thinking I'll drop it every time I stop.
  8. When you are coming to a stop slide your arse to the left of the seat. (most of the time Opposite i fneed be)
    As you stop push on the left bar. The bike will always fall to the left.
    And now you have your ass three inches over on the seat already your leg is now three inches longer and your big.
    Look at the place where you need to stop and decide before you get there which way you are going to slide your arse and push the bar.
    As your a noob to look kewl you can always ride by where you want to stop first and do a reccy. Check it out before you have to do it.
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  9. OH wow. There is someone else like me out there!!! phew!!!
    Hahahaha me too. I marvel that its been nearly 500odd since my last drop.
    I know those practise sessions look like just what I need. But I work every second saturday and so far have not been able to get there. I'll certainly try to get there 26th as thats my next sat off.
    Its now really hard to stop thinking about it, cause I seem to keep doing it. ARGHHHH](*,)

    Bretto61 my bike falls right :( Ill try and make an effort to haul my ass to one side and make my leg longer...sounds so easy on here, just need to compute to my brain and in turn my body. Thanks heaps
  10. If you can't touch the ground easily when stopped then that may be a lot of the problem. Brett offers some good advice on getting the bike to tip in the direction you want. You can do some things to improve your reach:
    1: Have the seat shaved down in size a bit.
    2: Have taller heels and soles fitted to your boots, not stillettos ;)
    3: Have suspension linkages changed to lower the overall bike.

    This presupposes that you are not on your very tip toes when on the bike. If you are then it may be the wrong bike for you and you may have to look at alternatives.
  11. Sounds like duck disease (a term where your bottom is lower to the ground like a duck), If that's the case then definitely the seat height is too high for you, As others have mentioned get the seat shaved/lowered or the suspension lowered if possible. You'll find your confidence will increase tenfold and with that so will you enjoy it more.
  12. A friend bought a 11 cbr and had it lowered straight away, using lowering links in the rear and pushing the forks up through the triple clamps. If you want an idea of cost and where from, let me know and I'll grab some details.
  13. could be you really are just unco though
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  14. Buy a cruiser! You can put both feet on the ground at the lights with knees bent. If you fall off a cruiser when stopped you really are unco.
  15. yeah great idea. now she's unco and a lesbian
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  16. Hey! My missus rides a cruiser. Are you calling her a lesbian?
  17. Many people of perfectly normal height are clumsy and unco on the bike when stopped or only just moving. Bikes do tend to be awkward and cackie-handed until they're moving at a certain speed. Different bikes come good at different speeds. I've not ridden a baby-blade so I don't know what they're like, but my ZX14 was initially very clumsy up to about 20k. Different tyres and a different suspension set-up helped, but some hours in the seat and familiarity helped more. Big Yamahas generally seem to have excellent low speed handling (walking pace low) and I'm told many Harleys do as well.

    Newish riders dropping bikes in driveways is a pretty regular thing. It happens a lot. This is why we (old salts) always advise a 2nd hander as a first bike.

    And yes, old f@rts can have brain-fade and drop them as well. It doesn't seem to require any special technique or skills or anything.
  18. all of the above!! Lower the bike, you are lucky it isnt wet season, you'd be in very dangerous situations trying to sto pon tippee toes in the wet. Lower the bike/seat and start to enjoy all your rides from start to finish :)
  19. i am only commenting because the word lesbian was used.