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Help! Any plumbers/handymen here :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. My tap is leaking bigtime. It's one of those taps that has the one 'handle' which you turn left and right for hot/cold.

    I opened the cupboard before and the shelves were covered in water. The pipes going up through the cupboard to the actual tap are both leaking - but I can't see where from, only that they're leaking from where they go into the actual tap..if that makes sense.

    I rang the real estate agent and she said they can't get a plumber here till tomorrow morning. I've put a bucket and towels under to catch most of the water but these are filling up fast and I don't fancy getting up every half hr to change it. It's leaking a fair bit of water...runnage not drippage from BOTH the hot and cold pipes.

    I got under the house :eek:hno: to see if I could find somewhere to shut the tap off from the system but no can do as it's attached to the rest of the plumbing going to the upstairs etc.

    Is there anything I can do to 'disengage' this tap?

  2. Unfortunately only at the mains... which would be ok for over night and then get up early and turn it back on...

    I've heard of you use the words "Health Risk/Concern" they will respond faster as no-one wants to get sued for putting someones health at risk unnecessarily ;)
  3. If it's a normal mixer tap it should have two hoses coming off it which then connect to a hot & cold tap usually inside the cupboard under the sink. Turn those off and it should stop leaking. (fingers crossed emoticon here)

    If that fails you'll have to turn off the main supply which is the tap attached to your water meter which will be out front near the front fence.

    We had an in the wall leak a few weeks ago and basically had to turn the main on and off to have showers and so on until the plumber could sort things out for us.
  4. Thanks guys. Just had another look under the house - there's definitely no taps to turn them off at...well..if there are I can't see 'em as I'm not crawling on my belly to get to look any further.

    Will turn the mains off.

  5. Like said already Rosie, look for the mains meter. Only way to turn it off completely. Ask the next door neighbour. They may know. The main has to normally come in of the road out the front of your house into the property somewhere along its boundry, so its there somewhere.
    Tell the landlord you will be sending them the excess water bill and taking a shot and sending it to the council and a current affair and watchem come a runnin like so much spilt water :grin:
  6. Thanks movin - will go look for it now.
  7. Cool. it's done. Thanks for the help guys. I'd loved to have said those things to the RE Agent but I'm too damn nice...or scared. :roll:
  8. Can it wait until next week ?

    Its written in the contract somewhere isn't it ? :LOL:
  9. Dear Real Estate agents:
    I would like to extend an invitation for your office to drop by on Friday the 2nd. You have been so helpful and polite I simply MUST return the favour. Tea and scones will be served after 8pm. If no answer at the door please just walk through the house and find my butler Campbell, and announce yourselves as Real Estate Agents, he will see that you are look after appropriatly.

    Regards, Rosie
  10. If you need the water on for any length of time, you CAN just run the tap. The open tap will be the poitn of least resistance - so yes it will go into the sink, but that should mean less leaking into the cupboard [unless the leak is super bad].

    Other options include bashing the pipe closed, or freezing it if you have some liquid nitrogen handy.

    If it's still an issue when we arrive, we'll flush Micky down the toilet to repair the problem from the inside.
  11. Campbell is the Rottweiler right? :wink:
  12. Nope. Worse. Campbell is Scrambles. :twisted:


    Ktulu :rofl:

    Campbell in a suit *hot!* ;) :LOL: :p You can be my butler any day. ;) :rofl: :p :p
  13. I think I'd prefer to take my chances with the rottweiler.. :p
  14. You could mention to Mr (or MRS) asshole estate agent that they should shift there fukin ass before they have 30 or 40 bikers decend on them next weekend asking mhy they pissed you around. :) :)

    Also for practical reasons write this down in a diary so when you move out and the cupboard is knackered they dont try and lay the repairs on you. (and i'm a landlord so Shhhhh)

    god i hate estate agents, no wonder i rent mine out privatly.
  15. Because you are on stage 4 water restrictions Rosie, I would be getting back onto the agents and reminding them of the fact that you are losing mega litres of the precious clear stuff down the drain :evil:
  16. your mixer tap needs a new cartridge. they are readily available and easy to fit. reece plumbing is a good place to get them. about 80 bux, perhaps a little more. if you get a choice, get the ceramic replacement. it will outlast you.