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Help/Advice needed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RedRobbo, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hi the good peoples of this forum, I am new to riding, I have a cbr250r. I have been practicing taking off from lights, changing gears up and down but when I am just cruising I rest my right foot on the peg but seem to be pressing down on the rear brake. Do you just move your foot back and just on the peg? I am gaining more confidence riding but this is worrying me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated:).

  2. your left foot should not be operating the brake, thats where your gear selector is, you should have the ball of your foot on the peg, when you change gears move your foot, do the change then move your foot back. Learn to hug your tank with your thighs/knees, this is all slow but steady learning that will be second nature later on, have you been in to a sat prac session yet? If not, get in there this saturday!!

    Sorry, my bad, your RIGHT foot should have the ball on the peg whilst riding, if you need to use the brake then move the foot forward to use, 'Just testing you 87crisis' [disappointed in the lack of Are you hot] with the new female rider in sydney!! tsk tsk tsk lol
  3. he said his right foot?
  4. don't rest your foot on the brake/gear lever!
  5. The balls of your feet should be on the pegs when you're riding, and you move them forward to operate gears/brake as necessary. It is not a good idea to have your right foot resting on the brake pedal b/c this means your brake light is on all the time, and it confuses the cagers, who won't have any advance notice that you're stopping. You put yourself in danger of being rear ended.

    I know when I started riding, I had a lot of difficulty getting my feet back b/c I'm not very flexible. But I found that, as I rode more, it became second nature, and now I find it a lot more comfortable to ride that way. Try and get into the habit.
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  6. adjust the brake pedal.
    it's set too high.
  7. mt1 has it right,set the bike up to whats good for you,if you dont know how to do this take the bike to a bike shop and talk to them about what you need .. you need to set up the bike so your relaxed ,some one telling you to hug the tank ,sit with your feet this way or that way wont help you ,,,get the bike set up to what you find works for you best .
  8. You are meant to be riding Daffy as a newbie.
    Yup the balls of your feet should be on the pegs. Now turn your feet out so that the brake pedal is beside your toe....not under it.
    All good
  9. Hey thank for all the advice guys and girls, I can see there are different opinions I guess I will have to see what is most comfortable for me.
  10. Both points of view are correct RedRobbo, so both worth looking at. For certain, your feet should be back a bit, PLUS it is possible that your brake pedal needs adjusting down a little.

    Certainly, you can take your bike to a shop to check, and you can also ask Hawklord once you get to Saturday practice.
  11. Depends on how you have your brake light switch adjusted.

    Which reminds me, I have to adjust mine, the light doesn't come on unless I'm stamping on the brake.
  12. True, but probably not a good habit to maintain anyway.

    And, as a newb, he may not be aware if his light is on or not.
  13. Good point.

    In reality, the only reason I mentioned it was because you reminded my that I had to adjust mine.
  14. Haha, I get that on here all the time. My current (pardon the pun) issue is trickle charging the VTR (which I'm not riding, and about to sell), but I have no power in the garage, so I'm scratching my head on how I'm going to do that.
  15. Take the battery out and do it where you do have power.
  16. Yeah, could do that I suppose...

    (says she who didn't think of the obvious..d'oh!)
  17. I was going to suggest a bloody long extension cord, but what CJ suggested works too.
  18. Solar charger.