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help/advice needed for vtr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vintec, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. i found a one owner 2005 honda vtr250 with 13,000+ kms for $5200 within a block away from where i live. the only modification to the bike is a pair of oggy knobs.

    i had a chat with the owner and quick peek at the bike last week but specifically told him that i'm not committing to bike shopping until i finish my q-ride, which is tomorrow if all goes well *fingers crossed!*

    i'm fairly experienced when it comes to shopping for a used car but not a bike. i've done a bit of research here and there and thought that $5200 for a vtr250 in brissie is a good price. i'd like to hear some input from you guys. there's some minor scratches on the exhaust and the rest of the bike looks fine, so lets assume the bike is fine until i tested it out and go through the 'used bike inspection checklist' found on netrider and slashing the price down appropriately.

    so is this a good starting point? and by any chance would anyone be able to give me a hand to inspect the bike? steak or a carton of beer on the house ;) i'm not trying to score a bargain, i just want to know that i'm not being ripped off
  2. Qld seems generally better for new bike deals, but I'm not sure about used.

    If the bike is more or less 100% then that seems a pretty decent but not a super bargain asking price for the year model. But the low km is a plus. Since they haven't really changed much until this year, that's probably more important than the year, within reason.

    Tyres and chain/sprockets need to be looked at. If you're up for tyres soon then factor that in. The chain should have plenty to go, but if it hasn't then it might point to the bike not being looked after so well (or sea air at work).