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Help a newbie pick a bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gargoyle_eva, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Okay so I'm fairly new to riding.Had my learners for about 18 months now and am about ready to take the test.At the moment I am riding a 90 something honda rebel 250.It's a great bike to learn on and everything but I have been brainwashed by the glorified sport bikes and such on tv.After a month or so of riding on my own I plan on getting either a:

    honda CBR125
    kawa zzr 250

    Or If you have another suggestion let me know.And please try and keep it to something that at least looks sporty.Not really into the naked look,Although if it's a really nice one I might consider it.(max 250cc)Oh and if you can throw up a picture or 2 if you suggest a different bike so I can see it that would be great.

    just a few questions though.Obvious one first off.Which do you guys recommend.I've sat on both bikes and the cbr125 i can flat foot no probs.The zzr I can't quite flatfoot.Although with my new riding boots i might be able to.

    Also should I go brand new or see if I can pick up a second hand one in good condition for less.

    Thirdly, is their (there?) any difference between a gpx 250 and a zzr 250?
    Just different fairing or are they really different?If you vote for the kawa let me know whether I should go the GPX or ZZR.

    As a kid I always said I wanted a ninja.Kinda grew up around a few kawa's but now I'm a little bit older, brand name bias should come second to the supieror bike.
  2. i bought a hyosung 250R and loving it... looks sport, full size and goes well for a 250.

    Alot of people bag them but an opinion is just that. Havn't had a single problem with mine and they are great value!
  3. Out of a zzr/gpx and a cb125r i think you should get either the zzr or the gpx.

    They have the same engine, but the zzr is fully faired and has better suspension geometry. Basically the gpx is cheaper to buy and to fix if you crash, the zzr you pay a little bit more and get.. a little bit more.

    From what you said above i assume you want reliable and cheap bike that looks sporty and is OK in the corners but is actually not a sports bike. If so that is a good idea as a learners bike IMHO. However, If you really want to get a sports bike, get one of the inline 4 250s , they are a blast. I recommend a zx2r ninja, but not for any good reason (they look cool and the red line is 20 000 or something).

    Happy bike buying
  4. the ZZR is a much better bike you'l be happy on it for many years even when your off your Ps, the CBR is just a glorified scooter you'l soon get bored with.
  5. You should buy a VTR.
    If you dont several netrider members will hunt you down , **** you , kill you then **** you again.
  6. Go with the ZZR, it's a much better bike than the CBR125.

    But I am biased :grin:
  7. Yes.
  8. Personally, I'd choose a ZZR250 ahead of a CBR125R. Its likely to be easier to sell when the time comes. I suspect that unless you're a super lightweight, chances are you'll get annoyed with the lack of ponies with the 125R. That's not to say that a 250 has a lot of go but it is adequate for us newcomers.

    Comparing the ZZR and GPX, you sit more upright with the GPX than the ZZR. Mechanically, there's not a great difference between them.
  9. Don't really like the look of the vtr. (dons flame proof suit)

    Looks like a ZZR it is. Oh and as for the super lightweight comment does 60kg count?
  10. Nick gpx fairings arent cheap to replace...... or easy to find, i found out the hard way.

    CBR125 is a postie bike with fairings......... as donaldo said its more like a scooter suited to small inner urban trips.

    The zzr is a good bike, plenty around and quality Japenese engineering. If you want a Brand New bike the Kawasaki Ninja250r looks fantastic, with same engine as gpx/zzr or there is also the Hyosung GT650r or 250 models which are also well priced.
  11. great choise of first bike, i learnt on zzr's and they are a top bike! I forgot to mention that they have a center stand aswell as the usual side stand. This is great because you can pop it up on a side stand and freely spin the rear wheel, thus making chain adjustment/cleaning the wheel much, much easier. Sounds like no big deal but it is. Also that center stand will eventually get scrapped going around corners fast so its good for making sparks...

    ajc - point taken, crashing your bike is never cheap but i still belive ZZR's cost more to fix crash damage because there are more/larger fairing areas. I wrote off my first (brand new) zzr after a medium crash, and the second had 5,500$ worth of repairs after a low speed drop (thanks AAMI !) All up that was 13,500$ worth of insurance claims that year :). But who cares about that, zzrs and gpxs are both great choices. ZZRs rock
  12. +1 for ZZR / GPX
    +1 for VTR250 as well

    ZZR has alloy frame and 17" front wheel, where GPX has steel tube framing and 16" front wheel.

    Both engines are identical, bar the silver engine cover on the ZZR.
    Plenty of parts avail. from 1986 to present, most parts are interchangeable.

    Check out the US website and wiki on the GPX / ZZR - Link

    A decent example can be picked up for $3000 +/- $1000.
  13. Out fo the two you chose, go the kawa, you will regret buying a 125, they are too pissy and not very exciting. In saying that if the 250 feels too much then go for whats more comfortable. Also if you want a bit of stick, which you might not want now, but will in the future, get the kawa. Besides it looks better than being on a big ct110. XD
    i have a hyo, great reliability and fantastic bike to commute on and also can have plenty of fun on. looks better than most 600's. also member it has a useful 1 litre capacity under pillion seat.
    take carte mate, choose wisely
  14. Also comes down to your budget- My first was a zzr250 (gone now. damn insurance agencies..) which only took me back 3K, was 15 years old and ran beautifully. It certainly outran my friend's cbf, and held it's own against most of my friend's 250 considering the cost/age difference.
    I'm now looking at a hyo 250, since they're quite cheap for what you're getting and their vtwin engines are pretty nice all in all- plus any problems people tended to have with their build quality appear to have dropped off significantly when the 07 models came out.
    The vtrs are very nice, and i'd happily jump ship to grab one, but they are also fairly expensive since they are such a good bike- i've essentially discounted them since it's basically out of my price range.
  15. +1 I rode a mates hyosung and at around 90kgs i was suitably impressed, has a lot more go down low than some of the other 250's and he had not trouble at all with his.... Except for the first one he got and crashed up the back of a parked car?!?! He's a special friend!! :grin:

    I'd also definitely suggest a 250 over the 125cc.... if you got the 125cc you'd be looking for more power fairly soon after buying it, a 250cc will keep you amused for much longer without being too intense to get used to the power.