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HELP! 3 weeks and my bike is already broken

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by down_with_choppers, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. I've only had my ZX-7R 3 weeks and it has let me down.

    I was taking off from the lights on the way home this arv, admittedly taking it through the full rev range. Then when I try change to 3rd all I have is neutral. The gearbox is now stuck in 2nd or nothing. I can't downshift, nothing happens when i push downwards. If I try to upshift it clunks a bit and sometimes engages 2nd. Further upshifting does nothing.

    I'm thinking major works on the gearbox needed. :shock:
  2. hmmmmmm - did you buy privately or through a dealership/bike shop. Could be worth having a word
  3. wot 'e said, guvn'r

    That sounds really off .... even if you bought it privately you should have some recourse, surely.

    Unless of course, in just three weeks, you've managed to lunch what was a prefectly good gearbox :LOL:
  4. Yeah that does sound a little suss. it could be that something broken inside the gearbox and has wedged itself in the gears.

    At least that's my thought... oh yeah and expensive.
  5. Have a look at all the external linkages and the pivot post, something may have come loose and be restricting full movement at the input shaft.
    Failing that you're probably looking at an internal problem.
  6. is it the first time you've ridden it this hard?
    any service on the bike since you bought it?
    have you tried clutch-less shifts?

    it would help to know if the problem is with the clutch or the actual gearbox.
  7. Not the first time i've ridden it this hard. The bloke i bought it off said it had just had a major service. Quite sure the gearbox is smooshed.
  8. I say check you oil, could be old oil and have crud build up in it hence effecting your box

    When you try to down shift is it a solid feeling? If so the shift drum could be stuck i.e. both are out of syn.
  9. i dont think theres anything suss there at all :? i mean yeah, its a bastard that he's had it for only 3 weeks before the box blew but how would the previous owner have known? (unless of course it was slipping in which case he probably shouldn't have bought it) sometimes shit just happens, and sometimes, it happens shortly after buying something. this same thing might have happened a month ago and been the previous owners problem or it might have happened 6 months down the track while up in the alpines and been one big assed problem.

    i'd say the box is toast tho mate, if it were a clutch issue, you'd be able to shift while the engine is stopped. if it were linkages etc. you'd be selecting nothing. I'm not an expert on gearboxes by any measure, but i'm pretty sure 'toast' would be a fairly apt description. and i'd say you're also best off NOT running the bike aswell, there may be some broken/sheared/shattered bits in there and since the motor uses the same oil, you may give yourself other issues.

    i have a manual for these bikes if you think it might help, can stick it on a CD if you want. also, go check out the aussie kwakka forums www.ksrc-au.com and the best rescource on the net IMO, the yank zx7r forums http://www.redmonkey.com/7r/index.php?destin=./start.php

    and if you start looking for someone to fix it, get some quotes. if its through the roof (which i think there might be a fair chance of), you might be better off buying a new motor and slapping that in instead :grin:

    (hehehee.... using the whole rev range.... you weren't speeding were you? :oops: first will do 110, 2nd will take you to 130-140 :twisted: :LOL: )
  10. Thanks for the information coconuts, and I agree. The box hadn't missed a beat up until now so I'm just going to have to curse my luck a thousand times. :furious: