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Help - 1994 FZR250 won't run

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vhasp, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Hello all. i have a 94 FZR250 i cant get to run. i have pulled the carby off and cleaned it right out but still no good. it starts and spits and stops. Any ideas cause this is driving me nuts! :mad:

    Mod: changed thread title.
  2. Fuel tap blockage?
  3. nah replaced the tap and fuel lines. fuel is getting to the carbys that i can see
  4. Blocked airfilter or stuffed sparkies? :)
  5. new plugs and coils in it. air flow is sweet
  6. Dude, click edit on your OP and edit the subject title away from all caps... otherwise the thread is sure to go AWOL. ... sorry can't help you with your mech issue.

    Cheers :)
  7. Drop the screw out of the carby bowl make sure there is plenty of fuel.

    If it starts and spits, one of 2 things must be playing up- either fuel or spark, I am leaning towards fuel. If it wasnt starting at all it would be a separate issue.
  8. no worries ill do that tomorrow and see how i go. i kinda got a funny feeling the fuel pump isnt working properly it works but i dont think its pumping much
  9. Have you checked its legs?
  10. What fuel are you using, premium or unleaded?
  11. I;ve got the exact same prob and im running prem and i got spark. The bike has been sitting without a start for a couple of days.
  12. legs?

    normal unleaded. ill give the premium a go to
  13. lol might aswell try washing it, will have the same effect

    sound like carbs are outa sync/no fuel

    check there fuel in the bowls drain them they maybe stuck or full of water

    try some ether
  14. Actually my 93 FZR250 runs very poorly on premium compared to standard unleaded. So poorly and hard to start that you think there is something wrong. You must have another issue if you are running unleaded to start with.
  15. hey ppls

    i checked the carby out again and there seems to be no problems there. i'm gonna get a new fuel pump when i can find one and see how that goes
  16. Done a compression check?
  17. Does it have a cutout at the kickstand? That could be causing it grief. That's just a guess.
  18. Dont blow your cash on fuel pump just yet.....bypass the pump- on more than 1/3 tank it will run without the pump. Even disconnect the high pressure side of the pump and see if it throws out a decent stream of fuel. If it is the pump, then go for a new one, rather than buying pieces to find out if that is the problem....
  19. Hey mate

    How are you going with this issue? I have a 1990 FZR250 that dies under load taking off, once i got it over about 5000 it went well. But kept dying low down.
    Now it wont start at all, the mechanic believes because it has low compression, (about 90) but im wondering if its the fuel pump as well. We have cleaned out the carbies, new plugs.

    At the moment im lookiing at replace motor (cheaper option apparently) or recon :(
  20. Joel, you are a menace.