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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hoppielimp, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. After an unfortunate accident with my Helmet rolling off the bed...I wrote an email to Shark, who advised me that they recommend replacing my Helmet. :cry:

    I know there are numerous discussions threads whether or not it is safe to use...however since it is my head, I have decided to replace it.

    On doing some research I have come across the SHARP Safety Standards which are apparently better designed to test a more realistic location of impact on your head should you come off.

    I was going to replace it with an Arai RX-7 Corsair (3 Star)....but have thought twice and will look at the 5 Star rated Helmets now.

    The list I have gleaned from the report are (All 5 Star - June 2008)

    AGV S-4
    Arai GP5x
    Bell M1
    HUC HQ-1
    Lazer LZ6
    Shark RSR2

    And oddly enough they are all FULL FACED Helmets. They are not 5 Star prices either... :grin:

    *Also please note that Controversy reigns with the methodology of the testing, and some Helmet manufacturers are not happy Jan....understandably.

    /edit - I posted it here just incase any new riders were just as confused as to what Helmet to buy as I was when I first went looking.
    //edit - Found the Sharp Website.. http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/
  2. Did it fall off the top of a triple tiered bunk onto a concrete floor while it was full of nails or something?

    They probably think you will just buy another of their helmets.
    Or maybe they are right.

    I'm pretty sure these things are designed to save your head from getting smashed when you come off at high speeds. If it cannot withstand a small drop, we may as well not wear helmets in the first place.

    On that note, I like the Lazer helmets. They have those funky airvents.
  3. Let me see - your helmet rolled off the bed, so you emailed the manufacturer who told you to replace it.

    Not that they have any vested interest in making sure you bought a new one. :roll:

    From the bed to the floor, (unless your head was inside it) you should have no problem. There's nothing to compress the liner. With modern helmets, unlike the older fibreglass ones, the impact won't affect it - unless it's onto a hard surface.

    There were some tests done a few years back by one of the US magazines which demonstrated this pretty conclusively. They used a variety of helmets and dropped them onto a steel anvil. Then they tested them to destruction and compared the results to identical brand new helmets. What came across pretty conclusively was that there was no difference in the protective abilities.

    Unfortunately I've lost the article so I can't post it.
  4. hehehe if everyone replaced their helmet when they propped it on the ground, we'd all be spending 5grand a year on helmets. shark would like that

    seriously just dropping it you will be fine, but do what you want, its your head.
  5. My Concern is that there have been many advances in Technology over the years with respect to impact dispersion and protection. The drop may or may not have affected future protection...I do not know.

    Its fairly similar to crumple zones in a car....go back 10-15 years ago if you pranged your car at 10km into some-ones rear, you might just replace the bumpers.

    Do that today and watch how many zones crumple.

    There maybe micro crumples in my Helmet...

    I know there are many cynical people out there, and I am one too...but I guess on two fronts...the recommendation to replace the helmet could be ass covering...how I would claim against them if they were wrong is beyond me... :shock:

    and also it doesn't mean that I would buy another Shark Helmet either.

    They should make a small drop test part of the damn standards too :twisted:
  6. A drop from bed height even onto concrete is unlikely to do enough damage to warrant replacement.
    Have a close look and if there are no cracks, chips or dents bung it on your head again and don't worry.

    Its a fair question from a noob so I'm not going to razz you for it.

    Full points to the manufacturer for trying to sell you another. :LOL:

    The damage would be obvious and it may still be safe to drive so whats your point?
  7. On the Helmet...no dents, scratches or chips, so maybe I will not replace it.

    My reference to crumplezones in a car..is that as you say it maybe safe to drive still...however it does not have the same protection that it originally had and therefore it is not as safe as it used to be.

    Is it as safe as it was before the incident....the answer is no.

    The question is has the resilience / safety been compromised to withstand a forthcoming incident no.2...
  8. Checkout this vid:


    It's longish (10 mins). It's a discussion with a dude from Arai helmets. At about 3/4 of way through video (starting from when there is about 2:45 left I think) he discusses this issue. The result - he says (Arai) helmets don't need replacing if dropped without a head in them.
  9. Morbo,

    Thats quite a good Video...Mods if you are reading...Maybe there should be a sticky...

    This dropping helmet issue will go on until the end of time...
  10. Helmets are designed to crush when there is internal force (your head) against an external force (the road). If you don't have anything inside the helmet, unless hit with some real force, there is nothing there for the internals to crush up against.

    If the outer shell of the helmet is good shape still, so too will the foam inside the helmet. They're designed to take hits with alot of force, it would hardly be effective if a drop of 2 or 3 feet would damage it.

    Of course a helmet manufacturer would tell you to buy another one, it means more money in their pocket. Provided the helmet hit the ground with little force, it will still be as safe as it was before.
  11. I'd have to agree with the people who say your helmet is probably ok. Rolling off a bed without a head in the helmet shouldn't be enough to damage it. I always think of a styrofoam esky when commenting on likely damage to a helmet. If one of them rolled off your bed empty you wouldn't expect any damage, fill it up with something the density of a human head and it's a different story.

    I would imagine that Shark's response that it should be replaced would be the standard for any impact to the helmet from most manufacturers. You're email was probably only answered by a customer service agent and if I had a helmet company I wouldn't trust them to be making calls on whether a helmet was ok or not so the safe thing to do would be to say it needs replacing.

    Also, I noticed you found the Sharp website after reading the initial article. It's worth mentioning that the testing of helmets is a continual thing and a quick check of the site will give a more up to date list which has over twice as many 5 star rated helmets.

    edit: I just rechecked the 5 star helmets myself and noticed the first flip face helmets with 5 stars, the BMW System 5 and the Casberg Trip

  12. I believe the "crumple" zones in a helmet are the inner foam liners. They compress and effectively reduce the deceleration on your head when you hit an object. If the helmet fell off the bed without your head in it, the foam would not have compressed and it should be fine. I believe the risk to damage in "dropping" a helmet is cracking the more brittle outer shell.
  13. What about if you came off but didn't hit your head, just ended up laying it down a bit on the face and scraping a bit?

    Does that make it unusable?

    Note: head is in helmet at this stage...

    Note 2: Entirely hypothetical situation of course, i wouldn't dream of invoking the ridicule of the fabled netrider!
  14. In my years of experience testing and manufacturing helmets... ( :rofl: )

    ...no, but I would say if it has taken a whack or abrasion when riding, bin it. It's a one-use item. Copping a scrape might hinder the ability of the outer shell to spread the shock over a wider area...and give you a splitting headache. Or a split head.

    (Or offload it to an unsuspecting pillion :wink: :LOL: )
  15. I did just this with my first lid. Scrapes on the RH side of the chinguard (please note that this did not stop me from later covering many thousands of miles in an open-face) and a trashed visor.

    Continued to use it for six months or so, until an attractively priced replacement turned up. Even then, it was the inconvenience of no visor rather than any lack of protection that prompted the new purchase.

    Mind you, I turned up for my bike test wearing a helmet I'd been concussed in the previous day :shock: . Not that I wanted to, but there simply wasn't time to source a new one. I don't think the examiner was impressed by the local bus company colours being deeply ground into the plastic shell :grin: .