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Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by 'Pirate', Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Hi there :)
    New member, doing the homework on a new helmet. I think I have decided on an Arai XD-3, although expensive, looks to be the ducks guts. Any thoughts?
    Have been following this forum for a while, nearly bought a new KLR650, found a 650 Dakar too good to be true :grin:
    Riding from Albury via Benambra, 'The Poplars', McKillops Bridge, Dalgety, Jindabyne, overnight (several ales) in Thredbo, Khancoban, home, last weekendin October (with others)if anyone interested!
    Look forward to comparing notes!
    Pirate Pete. :twisted:

  2. sounds like a cool ride, I hope to be goign into Tassie around then.. on the helmet side of things, I am using a ZEUS, duel sport, it works well, have yet to try it with goggles, but as road helmet, visor etc all good, peak works well, so far so good.. about $260 i think..
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  4. I have got the new Zeus tourer style helmet (road x offroad) with the peak, visor etc. Vents OKish, visor seems to scratch easy, watch out for cross winds and don't lift your head too high or off centre!! $250. I am happy so far. Will give a heads up after ging to MOTOGP.
  5. my last couple of skid lids wore-in rather quickly.
    as in, had far too much movement after a month or so.
    admittidly, they were on the cheaper side..even after fitting very snuggly when i purchased them.. my bad.
    i have my eye on a new Shoei now.

    same old story..buy shit - get shit.
  6. Shoei Hornet

    I've got the Shoei Hornet.

    - view of vision. Normally I hate using my full face into the city but will not hesitate with this helmet.
    - light
    - peak for afternoon sun/partial shade riding in forest
    - visor or goggle for off-road
    - fits small head

    - fairly expensive. Slightly cheaper than Arai but a lot more the the zeus (would be happy with the Zeus but it doesn't have XS).
    - the peak is slightly too short I think. I think the Arai peak is a bit longer which would be user in variable sunlight situation
    - wind noise - I think this is same as other helmet but my previous helmet was a BMW Integral and it was great.
    - Wind buffeting - going at speed 100+ with head wind looking over my should was a pain. I think this would be a general comment with off-road helmet that has a peak.

    Would I buy it again?
    Not sure - since I'm doing more off-road these days and I really wanted the peak for the variable sun-light.
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  9. Guys,
    Thanks for the info, tested the ARAI the other day, decided to go with it :)
  10. also Riders edge in Bell st, as well as Bike's n Bits in Keilor, maybe everyone.... I could not get the full goggles into the helmet i use, I am still trying different sorts,
  11. Well, Ive just ordered the Shoei Hornet from an online shop (thehelmetwarehouse.com.au) . $699 including tinted visor , so thats not a bad deal I reckon. ( tinted visor is a must- have for me) Have to wait 2 weeks cause they have sold out but thats o.k. Will let you guys know what I think in a months time.

  12. Zeus

    The Zeus held up well for the trip and back (MOTOGP) especially with all the rain, didn't fog up at all even with a neck warmer. Comfy as even with prescription glassess on. Howevewr, It has some strange harmonic vibration on it at speed which does a couple of strange things:
    1.vibrates your whole head to the point it is difficult to see, and
    2.tickles your nose hairs like mad.
    3. gets a tad noisy.

    Again, don't try to turn your head too quickly when going along or you may throw your balance out (ie nearly rip your head off)

    Points of note: I ride a 650 VSTROM with the screen up to its highest mount (#3 setting)
  13. Re: Zeus

    It just goes to show how experiences from other people really have no bearing on what your own experiences will be.

    I ride the exact same bike as Fartsak, with the same helmet...yet I experience NONE of the problems he's mentioned.

    The point is that different people are shaped differently and therefore are affected by the prevailing conditions differently. What works splendidly for me, perhaps isnt quite so perfect for Fartsak. Of course that makes it really hard when buying a helmet because you never really know until you personally try it out on a ride...and you cant do that until you buy it...by which time its too late because you've already got it!

    PS - fartsak - check out a "MadStad" bracket for your screen. It offers a heap of extra adjustability.

  14. Point taken with the MadStad, I am also looking at trying to reduce the Harmonic vibes by stiffening the peak on the helmet and adding some new anti vibe handlebars.
    Maybe its the Vstrom engine (just get used to it I suppose)but If that doesn't work, then the Madstad gets a look in.
  15. Great feedback guys!

    Went with the ARAI, and although a little more expensive, after a couple of thousand k's of all sorts of riding, am extemely impressed!
    Very quiet, no visor deflection, overall a good helmet.
    Only one concern; I am finding after a few hours of dirt riding, the inside of the visor has attracted enough dust to warrant stopping and cleaning, which without the right gear has the potential to scratch the visor. The thing has vents and trapdoors all over it, so I am currently trying out a few different scenarios to see if it can be rectified. Will keep you posted.
    Other than that, very impressed with the helmet, light, quiet, comfortable, travels well at hwy speeds, even turning head sideways (behind Dakar screen), would definitely recommend to others! (if you have an ARAI head).

    Cheers, 'Pirate' Pete.
  16. anyone had any exp with the Rjays dakar helmet?
    i've had good exp with there after sales support and one if there other helmets (GP1)
    other wise i might just go the zues