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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Farab, May 11, 2007.

  1. Shopping for a helmet is driving me nuts. After trying on loads of helmets, it has basically come down between a Shoei Raid II and a HJC AC 11 - both very nice glass fibre helmets at basically the same price, maybe the Shoei a bit more. The HJC has a bit more going for it - a anti fog nose piece and graphics as opposed to the the Shoei in basic solid colour and no extras. Any advice on which may be the better helmet?

  2. What ever fits better and is comfortable for your head.
  3. That's just it, being new in the game - what is too tight and what is too loose - I kept on being told that you need to buy a little too small as the pads tend to compress...
  4. Has anyone got any experience with any of these helmets?
  5. It should be tight, not painfully tight though. Tight enough so that when you put the helmet on and shake your head from side to side the helmet stays firm against your face and side of your head and your head doesn't move around inside of the helmet.
  6. Put the helmet on, move it side to side and back and forth. Your scalp should move with the helmet. If the helmet is just sliding across your scalp, too loose. (Experience may perhaps vary with lots of hair...)
  7. Thanks guys. It just seems sthat with me its either comfortable (loose?) or too tight (pressure points) between M and L!!!
  8. Mate Try KBC VR-2 :LOL: , you might like it
  9. I have a KBC VR-2 nice and comfortable. But I find the air vents do absolutely nothing.
  10. I don't know what the Shoei ones are like but when I had my AC11 I loved it.
    They have a recess around the ears and it helps when you have head phones or ear plugs. It doesn't squash it into ears and makes them sore.
    Good for long rides like Melbourne to Sydney.

    With the fitting when you have a helmet on make sure there isn't too much pressure on any one spot.
    The skin on your head should with the helmet.
  11. I have had a KBC VR1 for 18 months (well I've actually had two). I am just starting to find that the general finish of the helmet is starting to fail. I.e. of the four visors I have for it, none seal correctly. All the visors are starting to go a little opaque. The helmet has gone from slightly too tight to far too loose and no replacement pads are available. There has always been a lot of updraft from the chin area that allows dirt and bugs to fly directly into my eyes. Anyway it was a $350 helmet (both of them) lets just say I'll be spending more than that on my next lid.
  12. My HJC Session make a laughing sound at open road speed :p
  13. A higher price will buy you this: Better quality materials/build/finish, exclusive graphics.

    A $100 helmet may fare just as well in a typical stack.

    I like to replace my helmets every 18 months or so, because they tend to get battered around a bit, get sweaty and dirty, generally pretty weathered, so I don't like to spend big.

    I would rather buy 2 cheaper helmets every 3 years than 1 expensive one....

    Fitment is the most important criteria when buying (graphics next, haha!). Because people have different shaped heads, some brands seem to fit some people better than others (I've learnt that AGV doesn't fit me well, could work for you). I generally stick with the brand that fits best.

    Most of the sales people will have a good idea of what size you'll need, but yes it should be a 'very snug' fit (will loosen a bit over time usually).

    Try all brands on (you'll have to go to a large store that carries a few brands). Even if you don't buy there, you'll get a better idea of what fits.

    After trying many, I favour Shark, but it can be a personal thing.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. I have asked this question somewhere else, but which helmet is the newer or better model: the HJC AC-11 or the HJC FG-14? Can't seem to figure it out from their website.
  15. Why? My $220 helmet does none of that...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. I have the AC11. I've been very happy with it for the last 20 months of daily commuting. However now the visor doesn't seal properly and lets a cold blast of air all the way round. Dunno if it can be fixed or not yet though.

    Anyhow it was cheap at the time as it was on special.
  17. Just spoke to the distributor. Basically it 6 off one and half dozen of the other.
    The AC-11 is a polymer (plastic) composite. More durable, but needs to be replaced after 5 years due to UV damage (decomposition) . Also slightly heavier.
    The FG-14 is a glassfibre/kevlar combo. Should be slightly ligther than the AC-11, but not as durable if dropped, etc. More UV resistant than the AC-11.
    Both have basically the same inners and supposed to be equally as good ventilated.
  18. I had an off wearing the AC-11 on friday. Hit the drivers side door of a car at around 60ks and went flying over it and down the road. Helmet only has a small crack on the jaw protector and some deep groves on the back from sliding doen the road. My thinking is that it probably could have stood up to alot more impact.

    Loved using it the last 5 mounths or so good ventilation for summer all the vents close pretty well for winter.I would highly recomend it and am going to buy another one myself when i get a new bike.
  19. Well..

    a) I don't want to trust my head everyday for the next 4 years (time I want the next lid to last) to a $220 helmet, seeing as the $350 helmet didn't last half that. Keep in mind I wear it for about 2hrs a day at least 5 days a week.

    b) I want replacable bits for my helmet so that if it does wear out like the KBC I can replace pads etc (KBC doesn't have replacable bits - sans visor and visor mech).

    c) I would like something that fits well and gives piece of mind, no cheaper helmets I have tried will provide this. I need my brain to make money - I don't mind spending a little extra to keep it intact. I dont buy the line about how all aus approved helmets provide the same amount of protection.
  20. I agree with port80.

    I'm leaning more towards the FG-14. Like the idea of fibreglass/kevlar, also would prefer a lighter helmet.
    Only thing that's "off putting" is that if I should drop it I will need to replace it - recommended by the distributor - seems to be the only disadvantage of fibre glass. Seems as though they are not as good for general wear and tear should someone drop them, etc.

    Just as a side note - a lot of guys that have had KBC's have told me that the visor tends to flip up.