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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NMD, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    as im fairly new to the riding scene im on the lookout for a new helmet. as the AGV that im using at the moment has been a hand-me-down over a few years and the lining is starting to fall out of it, very slightly.

    anyway, i was in my local bike shop and i saw an R-jays helmet for sale for $110 and a visor on it that was one of those colour flip ones for $40. i was wondering if that helmet would be any good, or whether i should spend a little more and get a different/better helmet. are brand name helmets THAT much better than the this Rjay's helmet and the cheap asian ones?


  2. there is numerous threads on this topic. Basically, what price do you think your head is worth?

    Saying that though, the $900 ones, you are also paying for the graphics etc.
  3. Rjays is generally entry level stuff and is pretty poor comfort, quality of the stitching can be dodgy. I'd suggest spending a bit more on your helmet.

    I've got a M2R Carbon Kevlar Helmet (around $300 worth from memory) and I love it, I tried on Rjays stuff and hated it.

    [​IMG] Is my helmet....
  4. I've got a Shoei RF1000, cost me $680 on special for a graphics one (normally $770).

    Think you can generally get the plain ones (solid colour) for like $660 or so.

    For me, i think the amount I spent on the helmet was completely worth it, it's amazingly comfortable, light, cool and quite noise free.

    If I damaged it in a stack I wouldn't hesitate to spend the money on another, albeit, if I bought it again i'd probably buy from the USA, I couldn't give two flying fcuks about the AASB sticker.
  5. Hi brenden. I had a KBC Vr2, that was a good helemet. Had a stack and then bought a shoei xr1000. There is quite a difference in the two, not just the price but also the fitting, quality and weight.
    The helmet is protecting the most important part of ur body. I personally would invest in a good helmet
  6. RJays is cheaper stuff, but the new helmet range isn't all bad.

    I got an RJays GP1 Fugitive in solid black as an interim helmet, and to use for the occasional pillion. RRP $250, I got it for $230.

    It's not as quiet as I would like. The visor adjustor base can move, which means that the visor may not seal very well, creating more noise. I fixed that with a bit of double sided tape under the adjustor base. The seal around the visor still isn't brilliant though. There isn't enough adjustment to make it a tight seal.

    The finish is also only adequate. It looks good on the shelf, but take a close look at the alignment of pieces, the paint finish, etc. Look for finger prints marked into the surface (solvent?) Removing the visor adjustor bases showed the attention to detail and accuracy of fitment is bearly adequate. Hmmm, I just looked it over again, and noticed one of the plastic vent covers is cracked, and it has never been dropped or knocked. . . It's not a functional problem, but it makes you wonder.

    Anyway, it's your head. Mine is made in China by KBC by the way.
  7. Mine was made by my parents. Here in Melbourne. I've had it since I was born and, although it is a bit worn, it still seems to work ok.
  8. I bought a Shoei TZR in XL which was going for $650. I produced my Netrider card and got 10% off and am quite happy with the snug fit.
  9. get one that fit your head and in comfortable, the looks are secondary
  10. +1 woodsy.....

    get one that fits.. try on as many as you can.. you'll know when one fits right... you'll appreciate it when you go for a ride longer than 10 mins..... and the whole safety factor... i've got an ARAI condor... great helmet... fits me like a glove... and i tried on every helmet brand and shell that i could get my hands on.... came down to the one i got and the OGK helmets which have recently hit our shores.... i wasnt too confident with a brand i didn't know so spent an extra $100 for peice of mind :p
  11. i started with an rxt $140- was fine for the purpose. it had gaps where the visor wasn't snug to the rubber seal and let water thru. Not complaining it was what i paid for. after 10 months i moved up to a arai vector (new name for what was the condor). Like has been said make sure it fits snug, and has the standard sticker, then it is just up to choice and budget.
  12. Good advice from everyone so far. I have a KBC that I'm very happy with, that was about $300-400 from memory. I think there are two distinct facets, but they're linked: one is safety and protection in a prang, the other is fit and comfort in every day use. You want something that is going to feel secure on your head without creating pressure, and that's going to be quiet and keep wind and rain out. And being secure on your head also means it's more protective in an accident.
  13. make sure you get one with a fibreglass shell, not a plastic shell. thats a very important part. check the stickers on the back to see what its made from.

    you can get a good helmet like this from around $250 on id say. ive got a kbc that was $300 odd that looks good and fits well. its a vrx1 or something like that. just try on a few different manufacturers, as everybody's head is a different shape and some will suit you better thatn others.
  14. +1 on the australian made.

    mine was manufactured in canberra, unless i was from china i just wouldnt have one made there....
  15. Disagree, as an engineer having studied and made the stuff I'd rather
    have a good quality Lexan resin than a cheap nasty fibreglass anyday.

    Cheap hand-laid machine pressed fibreglass is heavy,
    thick, brittle, inconsistent in protection level,
    and if you drop it off the handlebars a few times it will lose its strength
    over time.

    A good polycarbonate resin can be lighter, more
    consistent in shell strength across the helmet, will retain its strength
    if dropped off the handlebars a few hundred times,
    and made on a machine which costs very little therefore
    allowing your money to upgrade the interior crush padding which is an
    extremely vital part of your safety. Also allows you to get a wider
    range of shells for a better fit, better comfort liner, better vents/visor/etc.

    In helmets you usually get more if you pay for more, this is a comparison
    of a typical $200-$250 fibreglass helmet vs a $200-250 polycarbonate
    helmet (no, "plastic" is not the correct term for this material).

    Of course, a $800 carbon/kevlar/fibreglass race hat is better than either,
    but its interesting to notice that even Shoei carbon/glass helmets contain
    some "plastic" (actually polycarbonate resin) and not any epoxy anymore.
  16. thanks for the info guys..time for me to start saving

  17. Hi mate, all good posts so far.

    I would make it even more simple for you - get the one that is most comfortable on your noggin. Thats it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Remember that any helmet being sold here complies with the required standards. So as far as your average person like you or me can tell, they are all as "safe" as each other. Therefore simply get the most comfortable.

  18. In terms of the standard, they all meet a MINIMUM standard, more expensive ones will surpass the standard. It comes down to fit and how much your head is worth. But a well fitting $400 dollar helmet is going to offer more protection that a bad fitting $1k helmet. buy the best helmet you can afford that fits you. I ride with a x-11. the fit/finish are awesome, plus its fits like a glove, adn the vents work very well etc. so really no other choice for me.
  19. yeah but that minimum.... if you were going to stack a 1000cc at 230km/h or something... id want kevlar etc etc... starting out your not going to stack ridiculously hard are you?? minimums is fine yeah?
  20. I reckon most young'uns startin out will choose a decent $150-250 helmet
    on the grounds that they're not going to ride 200kmh, haven't got a heap
    of money, and will bash it about while learning.

    In 1.5-2yrs replace it with a better helmet when you have
    more money, a better idea of what you want, and you can match it
    to the colour of your bigger bike.