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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. So how do i pick a good one

    so far i have seen LOTS of breands and also a few warnings for some from other riders

    My Father always had a shoei or a AGV as far as i can recall.

    Rather than tell me what is good (you can of course..I want stop you) i am more after the ones to AVOID as I'd like to think there are more good ones than bad?

    Of course exceptionally good ones should be pointed out


  2. You can save a bit by getting a plain colour or last years pattern/model.
  3. There are many threads in the gear section related to buying a helmet. Easiest rule of thumb: fit first, brand second.

    A helmet should be nice and snug, and should not be able to be pulled, rolled, or otherwise taken off your head with the strap on. If it can do not buy it regardless of expense and brand.

    You will need to make sure it has AS1698 compliance - if not don't buy it as it is not legal here (for road use)

    As you get into higher price ranges the general quality tends to improve. Graphics will also tend to raise the prices.

    There are no stand-outs in helmets - they all have strengths and weaknesses and you need to assess these to your own needs. Do you want replacement / tinted visors? If so check out how much they cost. Does it have removable liner, and is this important to you? Etc.

    See this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6944 (there are several others like it in the gear section)
  4. cheers

    graphics don't matter..they come off with contact with raod anyway. And you need a new one then....im more worried about protecting the inside bits..ie my head.

    just want a good solid helmet.
  5. $200ish gets you the ABS plastic shell, $350ish gets you a fibreglass lid. fibreglass is meant to transfer the shock of impact throughout the helmet better than an ABS plastic model, which leaves it concentrated in the area it, and you take the hit.

    i've got a kbc vr1, $350 retail, fibreglass, does the job, nice paint scheme too :p

    *100 posts* \:D/
  6. was thinking of about $200-$400 so looks like i'm about right cost wise.

  7. I too have a KBC VR1 helmet, and they're fairly reasonable, IMO. Removable liner and what-not, but they're a little noisy (but I don't have a lot of helmet experience to compare it to!). My next helmet I will be asking for something that's supposed to be quiet. :p
  8. Making your helmet quiet is easy, tenoq.