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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nooneuknow, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Hey all :)

    Well, im doing my course this wkend and hope to have a bike soon. just looking at helmets tho...

    first up - any hints on sizing? got some stuf from the web, but any tips are most appreciated!!!

    Secondly, my dad used to race cars - has a helmet, never hit and only used maybe 6 times...does anyone know if theres any difference b/n a CAMS approved car racing helmet and the bike helmets? im looking at full face to wear w/ a road bike.

    Thanks heaps guys! :D
  2. Depends on how long ago your dad used to race. I'd advise buying your own anyway to get the best fit.

    In Vic the helmet must display the Australian safety standards sticker AS 1698 and AS 1609 on the visor. If your dad's doesn't have this you can't use it.

    A helmet should be comfortable. After all it is stuck to your head for long periods of time & you need to concentrate without distraction. That said, it should also be snug. It should not feel tight but it should not move or wriggle on your head. Turn your head from side to side. If the helmet moves, it's too big. If the helmet pushes your cheeks into your mouth, it's too small.

    You're right to go full faced. Unless your health care covers serious facial reconstruction, it's better not to take the risk. If you can, get one with a piece of fabric under the chin to help keep you warm at night and make sure it has plenty of ventilation for hot weather. BRIGHT COLOURS ARE EASIER TO SEE. It also helps to try helmets on with your sunnies on. Just remember that the helmet has to go on before the sunnies, and put both of those on before you put gloves on.

    On the subject of sunnies, plastic lenses are recomended because they're less likely to shatter in a crash than glass.

    Make sure helmet staps can be easily secured and are comfortable. Rings v's clips was recently discussed here, but basicly use the fastening device that you feel comfortable with.
  3. i use the nolan n60 it's only about $160 and i replace it every year. always acomfortable helmet.

  4. I know sizes vary from each manufacturer...but do they vary from country to country?
  5. It's not the sizes so much its the different shapes.
    I've got an Arai and a shoei shaped head, others might not fit into those makes of helmet.

    Best thing to do is go into a shop and put it on, make sure its sqeeezes your cheeks together(not your arse cheeks) so its nice and tight, and wear it for 10 mins around the shop.
    When you take it off, if it doesnt give you a headache then the helmet fits. Sure you will feel like a dick but hey, $4-5-6-700 is a lot of money to pay for an ill fitting helmet.
  6. 10 minutes of embarrasment is better than a smashed head anyday.

    One forum recommended sitting down with the helmet on and read the paper, if it was still comfortable after that, buy it!.

    haven't seen anyone do it tho.

  7. Don't get a helmet just because it looks good, go for the comfort of it and the fitting, then worry about how good it looks.
  8. Forget your dad's helmet or any second hand helmet for that matter. Go out and try on as many as you can. There's a huge range in a variety of prices that all meet Australian standards. Expect to pay between $300 - $400 for a helmet that lasts 3-5years. Cheaper ones are available but usually not very comfortable. ntrider's idea of replacing a cheap helmet every year sounds good. At that price it's hardly worth replacing scratched visors.
  9. I've had two Shoeis in the past - the first was an RF200, the most recent was an RF800. Both great helmets.

    The RF800 took a big hit last month, and had to be replaced - so I've been helmet shopping recently.

    Price was no object - literally. I don't care what I spend to get the right helmet - it's important to me.

    The first thing I did of course, was try on the current batch of Shoeis. Interestingly, with the newer style of (removeable) liner in the Shoeis, their internal shape seems to have changed significantly (from the RF800 style), and I couldn't find one that felt right - despite loving my last two Shoeis.

    So...I tried on everything I could find.


    I tried pretty much every helmet in each of the above manufacturers range for which there was the right size. Lots of helmets.

    Of all of the helmets I tried, the only one that felt just right was the KBC. At $350 it's by no means the most expensive helmet, but IMHO it's better to have a good fitting, helmet first and foremost rather than spending big bucks for the sake of having the right name or graphics on ya scone ;)

    The KBC is very cumfy for me and nice and quiet - I'm very pleased with it so far.

    So....my advice is get out there, and try on helmets. Find one that's safe, and that fits well and get it. :)

    It's all about the shape of your head, and only you can decide which is the right helmet.

    I wouldn't use anybodys second hand helmet. And the other thing is, I only put my helmet on my head, nobody elses. If someone needs to borrow a helmet of mine, they can borrow one of the old ones in the cupboard. :D
  10. I should add that I've been looking at bike helmets for the last 3 days and just got a KBC one, it was the best fitting one for my head, pretty happy with it.
  11. The helmet that best suited my head was Arai, so i bought one.

    Im thinking of getting a new one, because it may have hit the ground when i crashed.

    Is there a place that can look at a helmet and tell if its still good?...i have a tiny fingernail chip on the paint, yet i cant recall if the helmet impacted the ground. Everything happened so quick.
  12. Unless they did an xray of it, not with any authority.
  13. Mate,when talking about the protection of your head,why risk it? If you even have the slightest doubt about the helmet,get a new one. Theres quite a few good quality helmets for around $300 - $500 these days.

    Ive got a KBC myself,one of the chrome ones,nice feel to the removable lining,generally a comfy helmet,but, i find the wind noise is excessive compared to my old X-9 Shoei. Shoeis are best imo,but each to their own.

    Edit: If you have a $100 head,buy a $100 helmet as they say :D
  14. I bought an HJC. Tried on a Shoei and an Arai something didn't quite sit with them obviously got a round head that didn't seem to fit in these correctly. THe HJC felt right from the moment I put it on. $299 I think.
  15. I've got a nitro nv510, yep it's at the bottom end of the price range.

    It still complies with the relevant AS for helmet and visor. Has a well made and fitted removeable liner, is fairly quiet, lots of ventilation. More important it was the most comfortable for my head shape.

    It may be that it'll only be comfortable for a year or so before the lining compresses too much (hence the lower cost), but i'd rather be comfortable for a year and replace it than uncomfortable for 3-5 years.

    I wonder sometimes how much of the price of a big name brand helmet is the name itself?

    I vote chose comfort first, name second, looks last. (given the helmet is AS approved)

  16. JJ,just because a helmet has AS approval,doesnt mean its as safe as a more expensive helmet,it just means a 'cheap' helmet barely made it through testing procedures whereas a helmet like Shoei/Arai pass with flying colours.Unfortunately,these days you get what you pay for.Like i said in an earlier post,if you have a $100 head, wear a $100 helmet,me,i think my head is priceless(ugly,but priceless none the less! :LOL: )
    I know some of the Shoeis and Arais are around $800,but if you get a plain one you can usually pick up a really decent helmet for $500.One thats more likely to save your life than not. Another point,the difference in prices also boils down to the composites etc that are used in the construction of the helmets and the amount of testing ( R+D) done to the helmet. By the same token, i think you went about buying your helmet the right way(comfort,name,looks) but dont 4get that all helmets take a ride or two to really bed in,so a helmet that doesnt feel as comfy when you try it on in the shop might turn out to be a better fit than the one that did. Buying gear for riding is always a pain in the bum as you cant take it 4 a 'test ride'. :cry:
  17. Agreed, AS is a minimum spec, but given that we don't rate helmets like we do environmental efficiency (star rating), and not many have the finances to buy one of every helmet they think fits, then wear each for week to "bed in" and keep the one they like.

    Sooo, use the AS to ensure it is at minimum spec, then go comfort, if its a toss up between a couple, then brand will have influence, along with peer impressions (ie this forum), but you should definately not buy the helmet just because it looks the coolest.

    I tend to research a lot when I buy any product, and have often found the big name brand is not the best in the field. I'm very dubious about adverts that show overly simple graphs that try to prove one name brand is "more equal" than another.

    Maybe the MRAA, NRMA, RACT, Choice etc should get together and do independent tests, such as the impact tests done on cars, wont be anywhere near as expensive!!

    And yeah, if you rated helmet cost by the aesthetics of the wearers head... jeez they'd be paying me to put one on!!! :D

  18. :D I wasnt suggesting we all go and buy new helmets every week, :LOL: so much as saying what feels comfy in the shop,doesnt mean it will on the bike,you dont have 100km/h+ wind pulling at your head in the shop and after a few rides of bedding in,it will feel different :D I definately agree we need some independent test done on helmets mate and a star rating type of grading helmets is a great idea. :D :wink:

    Im guessin your referring to Shoeis latest add there too,i dont believe anything some dorky ad exec thinks will make us buy a helmet,i go by word of mouth and personal experience/preference seeing as we dont have our much needed star rating system! :D Not to mention Shoei have been around forever and a day. :D They know their stuff! :D 8)

    I like the pun about the wearers aesthetics too! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. 8) I can see it now... a bike seat bolted to a frame (with handlebars) all bolted to the showroom floor, with a dirty great big fan.
    "New Shooee Patented Helmet Tester and Adjuster"

    You sit down with chosen lid affixed to cranium, then they turn the fan on :p :p The advanced test is where salesman alernatly throws dead dung beetles and points a garden hose at ya! :shock:

    No pun mate, when I was born the smacked my mother!!! :LOL:

  20. The basic advice is always the same: buy what fits YOUR head properly. Don't listen to sales people, ignore the brand-name. If you don't buy one that fits, it's not going to be as good as it could be.

    Certainly, an Arai helmet for $1400 might have many more safety features than your average $300-400 helmet, but if it ain't the right fit, it's not worth it. And you have to keep in mind that helmets need to be replaced fairly regularly - ie, if you ride everyday, 12 months is about how long it will last before the foam compresses enough that it doesn't fit snugly, and it won't absorb enough of the impact. I'd be guessing a weekend rider might get 2 or even 3 years from a helmet... but they also age in terms of time.

    Btw - this info is paraphrased from HART instructors. :p