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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by r0ddy, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. well since i managed to duff up my brand new shoei las friday i need to get a new lid. what you got and why?

  2. Shark RS2R Carbon.

    Light, bright white, looks and feels awesome, quiet. And $600 cheaper over seas.

    Bear in mind if you ride with a non complianced helmet, you bear the risK!
  3. i'm gonna try one next week, anyone got any experience with ogk?
  4. get what fits you best and fits your budget
  5. As above poster said, sometimes x brand will fit someone PERFECT and won't fit you...I know an unfortunate thing as it makes shopping for one very difficult [-(

    I've got a KBC VR-2R "Wizard" and find it comfortable and light. Mine was $480 and got it for $300 at Red Baron.

    Mr has got an Arai and thinks his is perfect but his is $600+.
  6. Sweetie I'm delirious with expectation over the impending release of the RSR2's replacement the aptly named Shark Pro R.
  7. I went with a Shoei X-11. After trying on everything I could find in every single shop I could visit, it was the only one that felt comfy and didn't put pressure in the wrong spots. Fits like a glove ... so to speak.

    I had to replace my original X-11 after going down earlier this year. It's a medium, so you know, only the most common size ... and when you're after a discontinued model it's the hardest to find. After visiting countless different shops and even looking at importing something via eBay (but really didn't want to get something that didn't have the AS sticker), I finally found last one in stock at Stevo's in the city. Not the design I was after (sparkles, a dragon and red detailing are not for me), but it fits and the price was pretty good.

    The only other helmet that fits me better is an X-12, but like motolegion pointed out; "get what fits you best and fits your budget" ... and the X-12 didn't (and still doesn't) fit the budget.
  8. :LOL: Yep, I'm in a similar situation. Still, can't sniff at a good lid for cheap. You can't see the design when you're wearing it and I. personally, don't give much of a stuff about image any more. Not unless there's a pre-made image involving threadbare Draggins, a DriRider that's been up the road and is losing the battle with gravity, workboots that have done a few stints in the Pilbara and gloves out of the bargain bin on a stall at a long-ago bike rally.

    Oh bugger. I've just realised I've turned into the archetypal old-fart-on-a-bike :D.
  9. I don't like the helmet designs so I saved $100 or something and got a nicer looking helmet in the process! I have a Shoei XR1100 in matte black. I love it.

    On topic: try on EVERY brand of helmet. Each brand weirdly has different shaped helmets, some people have Shoei heads, other Arai, others KBC etc etc.

    Also! See if you can try to get a tinted visor on for free with the helmet, they're quite helpful when the sun shines right into your eyes later in the afternoon (and look quite nice too!)
  10. I was really after a plain black, like my old one, but when there's no choice, there's no choice. Besides, PatB's right, "You can't see the design when you're wearing it" 8-[

    Stevo's don't like giving away free stuff especially when they've "already dropped the price" (yeah, whatever :-({|:], so I ended up getting my tinted visor off eBay.

    Genuine Shoei, dark tint, cost $60 including postage and came with pin-locks and a visor bag ... which I didn't think I'd get any use out of, but it's gold when you're going out and not coming home till after dark. I'm not particularly comfortable using the tinted visor on a dark night, especially considering two roads I'm typically on don't have street lights ... can't see S#$^ !!

  11. Try a plain colour (real) carbon fibre with a smoked/tint visor for $679

    matches the black of the bike

    PS - charging more for graphics I believe is unfair - hence I do not do it - however each company to their own
  12. I have a Shoei TZ-R that I got on sale for $550 with a tinted visor. I bought it because it actually fit me, and it's pretty :D
  13. Sweetie is there a vendor of your product in Sydney, I may wish to avail my dear self of the opportunity to try one on.
  14. Gotta say, you Aussies generally get ripped off when it comes to bike gear anyway, I saw an astars mx1 1 piece for 3000 dollars. That's almost ****.

    Do you manufacture your own helmets?
  15. what do you call duffed???
  16. bahahah -- got me Rattus -- no vendor at this date in Sydney
  17. I came off my track bike and did a somersault, don't remember hitting my head but after taking it off there was a big mud patch where my head touched down. after cleaning it up there werent any cracks but a few deep scratches. I only do track riding so the helmet gets scrutineered, otherwise I'd keep it!

  18. Did you check the EPS liner for compression ? - it is designed to only compress once to absorb dissipate the energy ?

    Sometimes it is what you can not see that causes a failure of an item an the most inconvenient time
  19. Yeah I've had it all apart and it looks well, but even then I'm inclined to say that because of the scratches it wouldn't pass an inspection.

    Anyhoo, I'm interested in your helmets. Any history on the brand, When did you start manufacturing/ selling them?

    Thanks, chris
  20. Sweetie not trying to one up you, 'twas a genuine enquiry.......