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Helmets with sun visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Positivity, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    New forum user here, I have tried searching for the information in the forum before resorting to creating a new thread that I'm sure people have talked about heaps but have had no luck. So just a couple questions and I was wondering if you wonderful people could share your experience regarding helmets.

    So, I'm looking to buy a New helmet and would like 1 that has a sun visor either internal or external, I have a fairly large head and limited budget of $300. I'm currently using a shoei but its about time I replaced it, I do like shoei but their prices in Australia are pretty pricey and I've read that buying helmets online are not a good idea. If you could include where I can buy them from too, that will be appreciated. I live in Melbourne.

    I was also wondering, is it ok to buy a helmet online if it is direct from a supplier?

    Is ebay not a good idea?

  2. You can get a LS2 Stream Omega for about $200 that has an internal tinted visor. Or there's a Shark Speed-R or S700 that are about $300-$350 that you could looks at both with internal visors.
    It's best you go try them on first before buying online to make sure they fit well. No point getting a good price on a helmet if it doesn't fit.
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  3. You could replace your external visor with a tinted one (legal gray area and people have been finded) - but many do, including the police.

    I've found internal visors aren't quite dark enough. They're handy if you're out for a ride in winter and it gets a bit brighter, but in summer I've yet to see an internal drop down visor that is dark enough to do the job of an external visor or sunglasses - especially if riding towards the sun!

    I also haven't seen any that close the entire gap. (Normally there's a gap between where the internal closes, and the bottom of the external visor so there's still a 'bright spot'. Don't get me wrong - I like the internal visors, and find them handy for winter riders - but in the summer - the ones I've used just don't cut it.

    Replacing the actual external visor would probably also assist with UV rays as well. (Parts of my nose / face can still get burnt with an internal visor).

    Don't buy online. Try in the shop, and don't just put it on. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes. Take your time. I put on a helmet in the shop where the fit seemed quite right, but after 5 minutes I started getting a headache. Apparently it was pushing on my skull in a certain position I wasn't aware of. If I had have put it on, and taken it off in a minute I would have purchased the wrong helmet.

    Also - make sure you can wear the helmet with sunglasses (if you choose to go that way). Some helmets work with different pairs of glasses better than others, which is why once again a bricks and mortar store is the better option IMO for trying & buying helmets.

    Above all - take your time before buying - especially with getting the fit right.
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  4. I used to ride with a flip down visor and loved it. Searched long and hard for a helmet that fit my head with an internal visor to boot.

    A good sale on a more expensive Arai that fit perfectly suddenly had me walking home with that and wondering what the hell I was thinking.

    I now use a blue iridium visor and commute daily early and home late.

    I keep a clear set of sunnies under the seat, but if I'm going out in the dark or know I'll be home late I'll opt for the clear shield. I'd say I've used the clear shield probably a dozen times or so over the last 6 months.

    Absolutely love the field of vision in the full tinted shield compared to the drop down, and I think I'd find it hard to go back. Beware of the internal visor fogging in winter too.
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  5. I crudely applied a piece of window tint to an old pinlock I had lying around. It's excellent; easier to carry than a spare visor and you can choose how dark you want. No good if an internal visor is too dark or light. I only buy on sale lids; last 2 have been $7-800 reduced to $300ish.
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  6. I went from a Shoe to a Shark with an internal sun visor, I had the same budget as you, and I found they are a similar fit from the Shoei to the Shark, look at the HJC as well, I found the Shark a bit more comfortable but the HJC may fit better for you. Helmet's noisy though.
  7. If you are in Melbourne, AMX hava good selection in your price range, I have a HJC and an AGV from them, both under $300
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  8. I bought a Shark Vision R with an internal sun visor, but realised very quickly that I didn't like it, i could never find the bloody lever to lower it, and it left a gap which annoyed the shit out of me, and it wasnt dark enough. Then I found out I couldnt even buy a dark tinted visor for that stupid helmet, so I sold it barely worn for about half what i paid for it. Then I got myself another AGV with a dark tinted visor. Problem solved.
  9. Have got used to using a shark with s drop down visor. Find it most convenient. Remember if you're traveling with a dark tinted visor to pack a clear one too. Once evening shadows fall it can make it very hard to see. Cheers.
  10. you can still buy the superseded flip-up Nolan 102 from mcas.com.au for $ 200. It has a clear and tinted external visor and I can comfortably wear my sunglasses with it.
  11. Thanks! I'll have a look at shark

  12. Thanks, yea I thought about the tinted visor, but due to legal gray area, I decided not to risk it
  13. Thanks everyone! The information is much appreciated, I shall take a look at the suggestions. Definitely will take a look at amx.

  14. The problem with helmets with built-in sunvisors is that most of them don't drop low enough, leaving a gap that lets sunlight through. The best I've found are the Shark Vision-R and Speed-R, they drop down all the way to your breath guard. AGV K-3 and K-5 have that problem, Even the upper end Shoei GT-Air doesn't drop that low.

    I just swap between a tinted visor and clear visor, it costs more, but much more effective.
  15. Shark Vision R. I've never had a problem with the reported 'gap', and once you're used to the lever, I find it second nature to flip the visor up or down.....
  16. Wouldn't swapping the clear and tinted visor just be such a hassle? Not too sure as I have never changed a visor.
  17. I have the Shoei GT-Air and have no issues with the gap, it has never caused me an issue. Also really easy to flick the sun visor up or down. I'd recommend one for sure.
  18. HJC RPHA best helmet ever... and i think if you are anoying enough you will get good offer for around 300$. and also newer models have built in sun visor
  19. I just bought a Shark Vision R S2. Really like the sun visor. It is dark enough for me. Looking straight into the late afternoon/early evening sun was not a problem - not sure what more you want? The visor switch works fine with gloves, too.

    The helmet itself is pretty quiet, decently aerodynamic, and has a great viewing angle. I got it at AMX.
  20. I got my HJC IS-16 from AMX in Lynbrook it has the drop down visor.

    Great helmet