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Helmets with Internal Sun Visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by jfiddy, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wanting some insight into a good helmet with an internal sun visor? I've scanned the forum and only got good info on the Nolan which as an external visor.

    The new Evoline helmet has come out from Shark and wondering if anyone could recommend that one or anything with specifically an internal visor?

  2. I have the evoline. Good helmet, pricey though, and weighty. Also rather draughty around the chinbar area.

    Its wicked for summer days, but is a largish shell so can look a bit....mmm. It's internal visor is handy but not very tinted (easily fixed) and has a weird cutout shape.

    On reflection I would have waited for a normal full face with a internal visor. I think theres a few out noew? Unsure.
  3. Thanks Liq, I knew you'd be the first to reply.

    How heavy is it compared to the RSI? And does it feel balanced on your head?

    I couldn't find any good helmets with an internal visor that would compare to the Evoline.
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  5. It's also about half the price of the evoline, and feels it. Good helmet, mind.
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  7. Found the flip down visor on the Nolan N102 pretty useless, have removed it completely. The lower edge was right in my eyeline and distorted the view badly.

    The N103 has an internal sun visor but for some reason it has failed to pass Aus standards.

    That Zeus looks good.

  8. RJay's have just released a new TourTech flip up helmet with the internal visor.

    I've got the original TourTech and love it. Keen to try the new version.
  9. I tried mine (TourTech TSS) out on the weekend. All day ride down to Springwood to testride a couple of bikes and then out to Somerset Dam and a coffee at Kilcoy and back to Minden late afternoon.

    Very pleased with the weight, a little noisier than I'd hoped but still acceptable. The internal visor doesn't seem to come down as far as my wife's helmet but it still helped with the late afternoon sun. I had taken sunnies with me but ended up giving them to my son as he forgot to take his out off his belt when we went for the testride.

    The tint is a little light for my liking and the bottom cuts up at the sides a bit early, needs to be straight bottomed not curved maybe. Bought a tinted visor for the next trip.