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Helmets with aerodynamic fins, are they less safe in a crash

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by matt_thebaker, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Im looking at buying a new helmet very soon. Im not too fussed on whether or not it has those aerodynamic fins or not, but most of the good quality ones have them. I read a report in a magazine that they are more likely to cause neck and spinal injury in a crash because they can jerk your head around alot more because the helmet has the fins sticking out of it and is no longer a rounded surface, obviously. Im just wondering if anyone has heard anything about them being good or bad, or actually experienced one in a crash (hopefully not the latter)Thanks

  2. I would have thought those things are cosmetic and would snap off at the first hint of an impact. Could be wrong though...
  3. I could be wrong as well (especially since I don't have them on my helmet) but they dno't look to me like something glued on, more like a part of the actual mould and therefore pretty permanent.

    And if that's true then yes - I'd be worried about them possibly contributing to a spinal injury. On the other hand, what can you possibly gain from them? They might make the helmet a bit quieter if they streamline the flow of air around it, but don't think they'll make you go faster - that'd be just absurd.
  4. i dont want them so I go faster, only reason I was wondering about them is because alot of the good helmets.Thanks for your reply though
  5. The fins stop wind buffeting more than anything else.
    They don't make you go any faster.
    They are fairly fragile and will snap very easily.
    I've seen someone drop their helmet and the fins snapped.
    Lessay he wasn't happy.
    (My BIL)
  6. I wonder how much they have to do with selling more helmets, rather than a technical advantage? I guess if one manufacturer does it, the others will follow......
  7. When your company is called 'Shark', you're gonna want to use fins as a gimmick I guess - regardless of whether they do anything.
  8. they make you look like a power ranger :cool:
  9. Re: Helmets with aerodynamic fins, are they less safe in a c

    If it's plastic glued on bits then it's not a huge issue, but if it's moulded fins then yes, it does increase the risk of neck injury as that part of the helmet is more likely to get caught on an uneven surface than a smooth helmet. If it gets caught, then it COULD snap your neck like a twig. But, then again so COULD the face gaurd on a full face helmet.

    I don't think it's a big risk but I see it as an unnecessay one so I only by helmets with a smooth surface. I go full face because I see a broken neek as a possible as opposed to certain road rach anfd a missing nose if I wore an open face.

    Horses for courses my friend. Each has their own preference and will weigh up the pros and cons to their own detirmination. :)
  10. Re-Fins on helmet

    I just brought a new helmet with fins and i wish i hadn't!!....as one post said theres the damn power ranger look which you dont relise at the shop...and second, at speed when you head check there is a tendency for the helmet to try to pull your head back into a front facing position due to the aerodynamics of the fins.....i give mine another month and it may mysteriously go missing off my bike while parked!!!...thats the story my other half will be getting anyways and im sticking to it!!! :p
  11. I just brought a RSR2 last week and had the first ride with it today - great helmet, very pleased with it, lot better than my previous AGX x-vent. The 'fin' is more of an attached moulding to allow airflow and I wouldn't see how it could cause any spinal damage, since it's quite rounded. Or perhaps other helmets have much more of a 'fin' and you mean those? What's an example?
  12. They say look to the pro's for advice. How many MotoGP or WSBK riders wear helmets with fins and bits and bobs sticking out?
  13. It comes down to this. Any protusion is more likely to grab more than no protrusion. Some will be more likely to grab than others and given that the chance is low anyway, it really becomes a matter of personal 'taste verses paranoia'.

    It is worth adding though, that race tracks generally have a fairly smooth hot mix surface without potholes to grab on helmet fins, whereas public roads tend to have potholes, tree roots and gutters etc to contend with. This risk as I said is small. It's a bit like wondering if you should wear a coloured helmet instead of black to aid visibility or if you should get the top of the line boots instead of boots that are good enough.
  14. Enough to disregard the use of them being dangerous for the track. :wink:
  15. Thats a wicked looking helmet!!! ......well the one i just got for instance has twin air intake fins on either side of helmet...much much more pronounced than yours is...must be 15mm high atleast!!.....and as i said b4 it sucks when ya head check at speed as it pulls ya head either forward or worse turns it back as the fins catch the air side on like a sail!!
    I know..i know...i brought it though...i slick speech from the salesmen and a hasty purchase as i just wanted to hit the road fastttt!!! Live and learn, my advice is buy something like mouths lid if ya want air intake, and steer clear of double fined lids!!!....they suck!! Brand i have is AERO TECH