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Helmets- whats hot, whats not?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Im in the market for a new lid, time to ditch my pink n white
    (im over here ensemble) .... want something in black or white ( of both), not wanting to spend over $500 max.
    Read a lot of the reviews here and on other site, people seem to have such varying opinions of whats hot and whats not.8-[

    I want something that wont fall apart, something that looks good, is comfortable and something that meets all the safety requirements, there seems to be loads on the market, im just not sure what brands to stay away from and what ones to pay closer attention too...

    Any tips, appreciated.

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  3. Were u serious? they are hideous lol
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  5. Never seen one in Aus before and considering it's up to 499 retail in the states it would be way over your price range in aus.
  6. Joe rocket is a rebadged HJC carbon AC 12 which means in Aus they are about between $700 and $900 wherever you go

    they are also 200 grams heavier than mine
  7. yeah i know the Dollar is good atm but wasnt sure on shipping costs etc.

    ML i was looking at the HJC helmets just recently, are they any good, i dont know anything about them. For the perfect helmet i could stretch the budget to $700
  8. Then you need this one by Takamii ( thats me ) which is $649

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  9. Haha lol they would look good on your cruza : )

    My bro mentioned the name Suomy to me last night saying they were good.

    I have a HJC IS-16 that has an internal pop down sun visor and they are a good brand of helmet.

    Edit: ML I like the look of that black carbon lid and I am sure that will be a good seller for you.
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  11. You dissin my ride ResmeN ? :p

    Like the look of some of the HJC helmets and they seem to be priced well....

    ML - the black looks like a nice lid..where can i get a better look?
  12. Cheers Geeth, just on Helmet warehouse site now ;)
  13. No way chick I nearly bought one myself. Nice bikes the vstar 650s.
  14. The AGV looks awesome Geeth
  15. no where in Vic yet - no one there wants to stock them because they are not a Shoei :)
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  18. I like HJCs, mainly because I have an HJC shaped head so they fit me well. I also find that they seem to have a more quality finish and feel than other lids in the same price range, although that's a very subjective thing. I'm not terribly keen on the visor mechanisms on their low to mid range models, but I'm in the habit of flicking my visor up at every set of lights and I like to keep it open a crack in many weather conditions. Wearers who just keep the visor shut nearly all the time won't notice any problems.

    So, yes, if you find an HJC that fits you and which you like the look of, go for it.
  19. This is what I'm using, HJC AC-12 Yikes III, there's a few color variations of the AC-12. Thus far I love it, but I haven't been at highway speeds thus far so can't talk about noise yet.

    (link is just an idea of price, sure you can find better easily).

    If you're interested in HJC helmets I'd definitely suggest trying the one you like on first before buying though, they're a different fit to most other brands.