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Helmets vs sunburn

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Scottga, May 21, 2016.

  1. Ok folks, I'm biting the bullet and looking for ideas. Ride an 09 HD Ultra classic usually with a full faced lid. BUT am still finding myself getting sunburned (badly at times) under the lid. Once upon a time I would have said "meh" and shrugged but after several nasties being removed from the skin (and not the gentle type) the sun and I are at a standstill I'm contemplating something with a peak / sun visor... May look stupid but once you reach the level of riding one of these heavy assed monsters looks and style really don't mean much any more. Any thoughts folks on something that would work. Been browsing through the MX styles and found a few that look interesting...

  2. which helmet/visor do you have now?
    any visor made from Polycarbonate will block almost all UV rays, ie the stuff that causes sunburn (but won't stop infrared rays)
  3. Sun and my skin do not agree so have been very careful myself - having nasties taken of the nose is not pleasant

    A quick check of Internet suggested that problem is with the visors. They need to be able to filter both UV A & B and some do not if they are not specially treated. Some suggest HJC as 95% block. I have been using a Bell helmet with clear RS1 visor which has UV protection and no problem. ( Also use either a neck scarf or windjammer to protect the neck).

    edit: Although very temping price wise - I have avoided buying cheap replacement visors from O/S
  4. Sunblock? Not being facetious- bung on 50+ before every ride, or on full days at each stop. Helps keep the skin from drying out as well.
  5. running Rjays at the moment OldCorrolas, which seemed all right when new but seem to have lost their touch. Sunblock, chillibutton is a great idea but wearing glasses and being a nose sweater means sunblock don't work good... and the only sunblock I ever found which didn't do that vanished from the market... :(
    Nothing like watching your glasses slowly slide down your nose when bagging along at a dollar. It just don't work...
  6. Zinc?
  7. link?

    a material property of polycarbonate is that it does not transmit UV wavelength light

    but if your visor is acrylic (PMMA, Perspex) not only will it very likely allow some UV-A to get through, it won't be shatter resistant :(
  8. hmmm things to ponder... will be checking it out methinks... Poly sounds an answer... well some directions for research :) thanks folks
  9. there must be some public service available for testing UV transmission of sunglasses? cancer council may be of help?

    somewhere like this should be able to do it.. maybe.. UV Vis Analysis Ultraviolet Visible Spectroscopy
    we have a UV-vis spectrometer at work, but visors won't fit :p

    although you could get a UV light and test if stuff glows when shone through visor, it won't give you the % of UV-A transmitted like a UV-Vis will...

    or.. email RJAYS and ask them directly. see if they have testing proof of UV transmission...
  10. I've never had sunburn under the visor no matter how long the ride.
    But then, my head fits Shoei the best, so the visors are probably polycarbonate.
  11. Whereas I do, also with Shoei. Maybe your skin is tougher....
  12. I get sunburnt real easy. Given polycarbonate blocks all UV then it could be any number of things, visor up more often, helmet off more often.
  13. yah seems odd...

    I would think University Optometry departments may be able to provide cheap or free testing...
    Summer hazards – experts

    Professor Stephen Dain, School of Optometry | 0414 385 622 "Specialises in sunglass testing for compliance with Australian Standards"

    will have a look around, I'd like to test a couple of visors also
  14. After a bit more searching it appears not all polycarbonates are the same. Quality can be varied in manufacturing process and it can be combined with other materials. A GUIDE TO POLYCARBONATE IN GENERAL - PTS LLC I would guess some visors are made of polycarbonate but not necessarily entirely of polycarbonate hence variations in UV protection. There may also be a lot of acrylic ( or plexiglass) clones out there.

    Only way of testing ( Perspex/acrylic vs polycarbonate) I found so far appears destructive. All About Plastics - How to know the difference between acrylic and polycarbonate?

    Perhaps the Ultraviolet Radiation (UVR) Services at ARPANSA - Ultraviolet (UVR) Services should be asked to test motorcycle visors - they test sunglass for UV. But a check of the standard for motorcycle visors AS 1609-1981 does not seem to mention a requirement for UV filtering
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  15. I'd probably use FTIR, which is non-destructive (and I have access to one )
    their spectra are similar, but there are a couple of peaks you could use to distinguish between them.
  16. this is one way to see if it is (uncoated) acrylic :p

  17. I wanted one of those darken in sunlight visors, Bell have them and Shoei just released one for there top of the range Helmets.Not mine though. My point is I cannot get these visors for my Shoei and cannot use this type of sunny either as Shoei visors don't allow them to work as they block most of the UV that makes the sunnys work and burns skin. So maybe look at Shoei visors.
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  18. I have a HJC full face and find that in summer ( or sunny days ) I get as much sunburn in it as I would in the open face.
    Regardless of which helmet I'm in I now use sunscreen every couple of hours.
    Just cheapie 'select' brand, UV 30+ but it is a face sunscreen and has a matt finish so doesn't get too greasy.
    Pretty happy with it.
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  19. This thread has "muddied the water" for me. I am looking for a new helmet and had not even considered sunburn as it was not an issue with my old Bell (but is very noisy). I had been looking at HJC and thought, after seeing it was supposed to have good UV, I made a decision tonight. Now in doubt again. Was the visor original or a replacement?