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Helmets on board international flights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Well, just found out you are not allowed to take your helmet on board as carry on luggage on an internationl flight.

    The bloke reckoned as it's hard you can swing it around as a weapon, my argument a laptop could be used the same way proved futile.

    Made me check in both helmets as fragile items. And yep, the front vent of my Arai was snapped off at the other end. No easy way to fix it back on.

    Debating doing the travel insurance claim, only one of the helmets can I prove had any damage to it, and for the $250 excess I'm only out $250 if I buy the same helmet again.

    Slightly annoying. (But still didn't ruin a great holiday :) )
  2. ludicrous :|

    i could also swing a small child around as a weapon but they didn't make us check in our friends' son last time we flew (though i kind of wish they had). :LOL:
  3. fcuk that... id be writing an official complaint to the airline... Thats ridiculous.
  4. What airline was this?
  5. That's just crazy, I mean they let people on board with glass bottles of duty-free alcohol which would make far more effective weapons. The only way they're going to make flights "safe" is to make everyone check in all their belongings, and fly naked :LOL:.
  6. :LOL:

    Good to see they are focusing on actual threats in airports still! It's nice to know that my mum can't taker her nail scissors on board and use them as a deadly weapon :LOL:

    If I wanted to use something solid as a weapon, I would have brought a sack full of doorknobs aboard, not a 2 kilo $700 peice of foam... :LOL:
  7. That's a bit sucky, I know I'd be hesitant to check in a helmet, who knows how it'll be handled...

    Flying interstate I've always carried my helmet as hand luggage, have never been hassled about it... Generally fly on Virgin Blue.
  8. Air Vanuatu which is handled by Qantas at this end.

    It's the airport security guys who won't let it on. Nothing to do with the airline though.

    Not worth getting that fussed over. Just a warning for anyone else who's taking their helmets overseas to pack it well.
  9. All that is pure shite! No sharp weapons on the plane, but bottles of Duty Free are ok, and a broken bottle wont be a threat to anyone! :shock: It is all just a pathetic attempt to make people feel more secure, at the expense of common sense.
  10. Spot on. Bad guys only do enough to get past security. On 9/11, all they had to do was get some box-cutters on board, because that was the above the minimum level of security. The can still take all kinds of things on if they really wanted to - loopholes are well known.

    The biggest weapon the 9/11 hijackers used was the compliance of the passengers - the people on board didn't realise the planes were to become weapons - they imagined a few demands, airtime etc as has been done in the past. Try the same trick with box cutters today, and you will have about 40 passengers jump on you, without caring if they got cut - they know it's life or death - the main weapon used to take over those planes has been taken away.

    So taking pointy things away from ordinary people is stupid security - bad guys still have a plethora of options available.
  11. :LOL: :LOL: @ their reasoning for banning the helmet.

    I've got hard knuckles & a hard head so they'd prolly want to take my
    hands & head off & check them into luggage as well :LOL:
  12. :LOL: Was gonna mention that... Why not just ban everyone with martial arts training whilst theyre at it.
  13. Keep an eye out for Rex Hunt and his plastic fork, although he doesn't look quite as terrorist like without his beard, he is still a menace.
  14. ...especially in Byron Bay, I hear!
  15. :LOL: :LOL:

    Ridiculous eh..

    But with all the crap thats going on in this place, I guess its better
    they be over cautious rather than under cautious :?
  16. Thats true i guess... Its a known fact id whinge about somethin regardless of what they did :p
  17. Dont blame ya :wink:

    I'd certainly be having a whinge if I collected my helmet at
    the other end & it was damaged..

    Not happy Jan :LOL:
  18. This thread is missing the point. The reason helmets are banned is because it's a lot harder to subdue somebody who is wearing one.
  19. Caution is fine, but these countermeasures remind me of Mayor Quimby's Bear Patrol on the Simpsons.

    Security that does nothing to prevent terrorism and serves only to inconvenience people and break netrider helmet appendages is a total waste of time. :x
  20. Inci, you've hit the nail on the head in terms of someone WEARING a helmet. That's why everyone was telling Stookie he should have kept his helmet ON while arguing with the guy in the car.
    But Kaer's complaint is that he was forced to send his helmets by normal luggage, and then one was damaged in transit, which is a rotten outcome, and a bad start to a holiday.....