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helmets - not a "go see which fits best" thread

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by i.d.g.a.f, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. i tried on every helmet in 3 dealers that was my size. and came down to three choices

    the KBC VR-2 (the assasin version)
    the shoei TZR
    the shoei XR1000

    what is the difference features/properties wise between the TZR and the XR1000

    is the 1000 worth the extra $100
  2. Mate, not to sure about differences, but i have an XR1000 and it's the nuts, the guy in the shop told me it's the lightest helmet on the market which also makes it one of the most popular helmets worlwide.
    Re the Assassin KBC, i was stood in line at Coles the other day and my missus was reading a gossip mag (as they tend to do, and leave you stood there checking out other women - they've only got themselves to blame), and there was a picture of Brad pit on his Ducati monster wearing a KBC assassin, so if you wanna be as cool as Brad, get one of them!
  3. Just get the one that fits you best.....kidding!

    Anyway this is what i found for you. TZR vs RF1000 which i think is the same as the XR1000

    I think main difference is the air-venting. I'd get the air venting one as i find it makes a big difference in comfort.

    Shoei TZ-R Erratix Helmet:

    # Shoei created the TZ-R to perform for the first time riders as well as seasoned veterans of the road. the TZ-R is the most affordable model in the Shoei lineup, without comromising performance and safety. Features include: Aerodynamic Shell Design.
    # 2 layer EPS Liner system.
    # Lightweight, advanced integrated matrix plus (AIM+).
    # Anti-fog System.
    # 3D Interior liner with removable cheek padss for a custom fit.
    # Standard chin strap clip.
    # Used standard CX-1V Shields.

    Shoei RF1000 Camber Helmet:

    The art of helmet design has entered the space age with Shoei Helmets' creation of the RF-1000. This cutting-edge new helmet features an aerodynamically superior space-age shape, Shoei's revolutionary cooling system technology, and a 3D comfort liner that allows you to essentially custom fit the helmet to your head.The first thing that you'll notice about the RF-1000 is its unique shape, which is made possible through the use of Shoei's AIM+ technology. It is unlike any helmet ever produced and is the result of extensive wind tunnel testing. This aerodynamic shape maximizes airflow and enhances ventilation, which leads to greater stability at high speeds and results in less neck fatigue than any other model in its class.As impressive as the outside is, however, the interior may be even more so because at Shoei, comfort is a top priority. For this reason, the RF-1000 is equipped with the Shoei's patented 3D comfort liner system. This liner system allows you to create a comfortable, snug fit by adjusting the removable cheek pads, a first for any helmet in this class
  4. the guy who said the xr1000 is the lightest was telling porky pies
    The shoei x-eleven and arai rx7's are lighter.. and other brands ...

    the tzr has vents at the front of the helmet and none at the back at all = hotter head. removably cheekpads only.
    the xr1000 has vents front and rear, and possibly at the back, removably cheekpads on the xr1000 .. not sure about the headlining they like to change these things..

    shoei are hand made helmets with a 5 year warranty

    the KBC vr2 has vents front, rear and at middle in the back, fully removable liner, they are also a composite helmet. Machine made.
    And with being machine made, sometimes consmetic things can be missed. BUT it is the only thing i would fault.

    but if you go the shoei, make sure the gap in the lining near your eyes is not large.. if it is it means the helmet doesn't fit right and will be noisy.. You will find the KBC is more contoured in that way.
  5. ive got a VR-2 that im happy with. a few minor things that could be improved but theres no such thing as a perfect helmet.
  6. I'd like to get the XR or RF1000 Shoei.

    I have a RXT, it's big and bulky. First time rider helmet.
  7. the rf1000 is confusing me..

    ok done a search xr1000 and RF1000 [must be called that overseas] same thing.. ok sorted..
  8. Weight can make a difference. I used two different and older Shoeis on a track day recently.
    The older RF700 which is heavier and a newer XSP which is lighter. The lighter one felt easier to move in and so much better. :grin:
  9. so the extra $100 is worth it because of the improved venting then ?
  10. if you want a shoei, definetly yes :)
  11. Oh yes, the venting is worth the money, especially during the hot weather. My Shoei Kato has fantastic air-circulation. It's newer that the XSP. :grin:
  13. Hey sly,

    Can u help me with the pre-set visor lever on the XR 1000?

    When new she worked fine to open the visor a bit; now it barely opens a fraction. I've stared at the mechanism to see if it's adjustable but no comprendo.
  14. rtfm ?