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Helmets from overseas

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by philski, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Hey all, I've been doing a bit of looking around and it seems (as has been pointed out on these forums before) that gear is a lot cheaper when purchased overseas.... The question i am wondering about is if a helmet is purchased from overseas is it legal to be used in Australia? The reason i ask is that I know in Victoria you have to have the australian standards sticker visible on the outside, and of course, the overseas helmet wont have that sticker...! Does anyone know if it's legal to be wearing the same model/style which can be found here but purchased from the US?? Is there some way to get them certified if purchased from overseas?

    Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated! :D Thanks!!

  2. Legally, it's the same as wearing a plastic ice cream bucket.

    Without the AS sticker, it isn't a helmet.

  3. :shock: you mean its illegal to use a plastic ice cream bucket? phew, lucky i went the yogurt tub instead...... :LOL: :LOL:
  4. You just answered your own question...and no you cant get them certified because each country has their own standards of testing. Testing for the same helmet here in Aus would be different to USA.

    Plus buying helmets overseas comes with the added risk of damage. The mailman may drop the helmet on the floor and weaken the helmets ability to protect you in a crash.

    Buy everything else online but not the helmet.
  5. Some good points there - i think i'll go for a locally purchased yoghurt tub rather than buy from overseas!
  6. Testing is actually more lax here than it is in the states. Both SNELL and DOT (common North American standards) motorcycle helmet standards exceed the AS 1698 standard in terms of the comprehensiveness of the tests. However (and as said), if you had a SNELL (or DOT) approved helmet it is still not permitted for use in Australia without the AS 1698 sticker even though it has passed a more stringent test in SNELL.
  7. Yeah, I brought a Quantum F with me when I moved here from the uk a few years back.

    Although I know that strictly, it's illegal, the last thing I wanted to do was fork out A$100's on a new one. Besides, I reckon that I'd have to be pretty unlucky to be done for it.

    Wouldn't deliberately go out and buy a foreign import though. Better off sticking to something properly approved.
  8. yep
    get 25 of them and destroy them under controlled circumstances
    according to the AS test....
    despite whats been said, my mate (whos involved with ADR and automotive AS stuff) tells me the only only tougher test than AS is ...SNELL
    the US DOT test is less stringent than AS
    and allows for example the small bucket type of helmet to be certified
    in the yewessofay
    He also reckons the UK BS certification is better than the US DOT


  9. I also have a question
    why buy from OS? yeah save a few $$
    how do you know the helmet will fit your head???

  10. exactly.
    Biggest thing about helmets is that everyones head is different & a size 56 in Arai is different in form to a AGV 56.

    For example, I can't get my head comfortable in anything but certain AGV helmets (and I've tried every one out there regardless of price).

    Big risk buying a helmet on a photo.

    Besides, if you wanna do track days they'll send you home.
  11. I know that if it doesn't have a sticker then its not officially recognised as a legal helmet. But that has more to do with import duty and GST than it does with safety. Do you suppose that the people putting the official classification AS 1698 stickers on imported helmets are qualified to perform quality checks and then carry them out on each imported helmet? I doubt that very much. And an imported helmet is as likely to be booted or dropped by a mailman as it is booted or dropped by a stock boy or delivery man. Lets have a wee game of spot the difference.

    Helmet A http://www.mcas.com.au/product.php?section=1&prodid=2539
    Helmet B (NOTE: US$) http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7966486972&category=6750

    Its hard to justify that price difference for a sticker. But have a look at all these Aussie AS 1698 helmets:
    I would rather my noggin in a Shoei with no sticker than a naff lid with a sticker.
  12. If the Helmet is agony to wear or goes flying off your head during an accident then it doesn't matter how many stickers it has on it.
  13. Australian Customs will withhold and destroy any helmet that it identifies coming through the postal or courier infrastructure that does not have an AS sticker on it.

    Thus, you may loose all your money and have no helmet at all to show for it if you import from overseas.
  14. no they wont mouth, i have had 3 come through (labled as motorcycle helmets) from the uk and i have never had problems with coustoms

    now the pollies are a different matter, and so is ure insurance company, if you have a crash and claim on your insurance, do not try to claim on your lid if it isnt aus approved as they can say that as you were riding with an un-approved helmet they can refuse to honour the claim.

    but saying that i ride with a simpson helmet (strongest helmet on the market bar non) and that has no stickers of any sort and i have never been bothered by the pollies (most coppers wouldn know as approved sticker from a peters icecream label)

    it all comes down to, you pays your money and you takes your chances
  15. Interesting. A guy I occassionally ride with told me his was withheld a year or so ago. Thx. Am looking for a new helmet shortly, and the o/s prices are certainly attractive. Was your deliveries direct from online stores, or via family/firends?

  16. Buy from oversea, sometimes could be buy it in person when u are oversea, if it can be use in here, I won't buy in here, bigger range, lots more choice for colour and pattern even the same model as they have in here. And 1/3 to half cheaper than buy in here!
  18. I known, that's why I brough a brand new helmet in oversea, only used twice as pillion but I won't be bother to bring it back.

  19. Hmmmm, naaawww....sorry mate.
    Done it, no probs, but they wanted to see a receipt to make sure I wasn't dodging import duties. Faxed a copy of OS receipt...all passed, had it 2 days later.
    Then again, coulda been a fluke (but doubt it, the way they're going at it at the moment).
  20. Jason, helmet I got in from the US for the Lording family arrived here no drama that was labelled as such on the box too.