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Helmets for kids

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by HeavyNinja, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I am trying to figure out where I go to find kids helmets. I have looked in dealers and online, maybe I am blind. My 10yr old daughter wants to hop straight on the back of my bike on friday once I do my practical. Both my kids were bugging me the other day so I put their stackhats on and slowly not leaving first gear went off my driveway, round the cul de sac (I live at the end of it) and back up the driveway. They are both hooked but my son is too young at 7 to legally ride pillion. I even pillioned my mrs to get a feel for how the weight affected the bike. Anyway I digress, need to find a helmet to fit my kids. They would both be the same size head.
    Any suggestions be great.

  2. Measure her head up mate, my 10 year old wears and adult small size.
  3. My ten year old girl fits a small Shoei.
  4. My 11 year old fitted into an RJAYS Scorpion GP3 in XXS
    $110.00 sale price @ AMX last year
  5. My kids are quite little, my 7yr old can still wear size 3 stuff.
  6. Watch for Aldi's motorbike gear sale in August.
    They generally do small sizes that may be OK.
  7. No Aldi within 450km of me. Turns out the mrs uncle still has his kids old helmets (he never gets rid of his bikes or gear) both my kids are 1cm off adult xxs so should fit them fine. Only it is open face with visor. Can use it in the interim and prob get them an rjays or similar cheaper fully enclosed helmet.
  8. We grabbed an RJays helmet for our daughter, size S if I remember correctly but possibly XS as she has a small head too.