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Helmets (for a learner)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Guest, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I've done a search on what helmets to buy but all I came up with is to buy a helmet that suits your budget.

    What I really would like to know is, Is it better to buy a middle of the Range shoei or Arai or a top of the range/ more expensive cheaper brand ?

    I am looking to spend about $600 on my first helmet, Is this enough or not ?

    What are your experience's with helmets, because I really have got know Idea and I dont want to get ripped of by a shop when I walk in and say I have got no Idea.

    Thoughts/ Ideas & Opinions appreciated.

  2. It also depends on shape. I had the same budget but found only a HJC would fit my head. I found the Arai etc weren't comfortable.
  3. It also depends on shape. I had the same budget but found only a HJC would fit my head. I found the Arai etc weren't comfortable.
  4. The best helmet for you is the helmet that fits you best.

    No amount of money nor the specialist of special deals nor a dazzling paint job can make a poorly fitting helmet safe.

    Try a whole bunch on, the price is irrelevant. Price will get you more features but not more safety.
  5. As has already been said, buy a helmet that fits your head. After that budget comes into play mainly for the 'trick' factor, but all helmets with ADR approval, regardless of cost, will be as safe as you need, even for racing.
  6. Yeah everything said above is good advice. I would suggest trying on the KBC-VR1 (which you might pick up cheaper now the new model is out) or the VR2.

    The VR1 (i have it) has EXCELLENT vision and field of view and has quite good venting aswell. It is relativey light and the graphics on it are great quality. It also has a very easy to use visor removal and fitting system.

    My only Beef with it is that it is alittle bit noisier then some helmets, not much but it is slightly noisier, however you should be wearing earplugs anyway!!
  7. Hey N1GH7-R1D3R, do you know of a URL that expands on the quote in your sig? I'm curious.
  8. I've got the KBC TK-8. As N1GH7-R1D3R said, the visor change mechanism is good, and the vision is good but that's all it's really got in the pluses column. :cry:

    It's fairly heavy (mind you, it is an XL [no big head jokes ok!]), the vents seem to do 2/10ths of bugger all, and wind noise is up there. I also find that when turning my head to do head checks, the visor lifts up a crack (6-7mm), causing a breeze, which is ok when it's hot, but at night it freezes the eyeballs.

    Might be worth asking Groberts what he thinks of his for another opinion, as he's got the same lid.
  9. The current edition of Australian Road Rider has quite an interesting article on helmet design, testing and safety. Might be worth having a look.
  10. Might be worth mentioning how to check if a helmet fits.

    Different people have different methods, but when being fitted for a flight helmet the basic test is as follows,

    There should be, with the strap undone, a small amount of capacity to 'rock' the helmet slightly 'fore and aft', but no capacity whatsoever to do so from side to side.
  11. after fit i'd say go for weight. a good fitting light helmet is extremely comfortable to wear, thus allowing you to concentrate on riding.

    i got an arai condor bout $600 its a midrange and am very happy with it!
  12. Yeah i have it tucked away somewhere, i'll see if i can find it for you!
  13. TimVTR250

    $600.00 is more then enough to get a good helmet on your head i have a suomy gun wind which cost me $370.00 best helmet i have ever had would not buy anything under $300 at this price you won,t find many good lids as their buit too the price range.