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Helmets - Date of manufacture

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bosco, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. If you bought a new helmet today what would you expect the date of manufacture to be?

  2. Well, of the lids on the shelves here in Perth a couple of months ago, early 2006 seemed typical. I didn't see any from 2007 or later.

    I ended up mail ordering a run out HJC CL14 which had an Oct 2005 build date. Doesn't bother me at all, and it was very cheap. A lot cheaper than the only 6 month younger ones.

    Disclaimer. I am a cheapskate so wasn't looking at Shoeis or Arais. Observations limited to the sub $350 bracket.
  3. Yeah was just wondering, as I bought a new Shoei the other day and the DOM is the 07/07.

    Wasn't expecting it to be yesterday but I guess they can go back even further than that after all.

    Do any of you replace your helmets are a certain time frame?
  4. I don't but I know people who do.

    I discarded my previous CL12 because it developed some marks that looked like gelcoat stress cracks (but obviously weren't as it's not a fibreglass lid) which I didn't like the look of. It was 7 years old (8 from date of manufacture) and fairly beaten up cosmetically.

    I suspect that one limiting factor could be the availability of visors. If your visor's worn out and you can't get a fresh one, you've got fairly limited eye and weather protection options. You can get by, but it's not really sustainable long term.

    The other limiting factor could be race use. In the UK, there is (or was) a requirement for lids to be less than a certain age (three years I think). However, I've heard that here things are a bit more relaxed and work on a visual inspection of condition, coupled with the various acceptable manufacturing standards.

    07/07 sounds fairly good to me. I'd regard anything under a year as quite acceptable, considering the realities of shipping, warehousing and distribution. I might be a bit less relaxed if (as in the UK case) there was a rigid time limit on a helmet's useability.
  5. Take it back my friend!!!

    Helmets are made from Plastic Composites (Carbon/Fibreglass/Kevalr layed in various plastics epoxy/polyester/polyeurithayn etc).

    Plastics have a shelf life they begin to break down (emite a waxy resin). You should replace your helmet every 5 years as no longer as strong as when new becuase of this process.

    Unless you got very cheap?

    Helmet Wharehouse in NSW does this dated helmets for a lot less.

    I'm a Kayker who uses the same technology to build Kayaks even a boat that has been shelved for 2 years will have more torsion in the hull than a boat that has fully cured (takes 2month to full tensile strength for some expoxy's) just out of the mold!

    It's your head I suggest don't compremise!

    Ben :)
    p.s. A nice bike doesn't look as good parked next top your wheelchair!