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Helmets at service stations

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by doozerberry, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but I was wondering what the general rule of thumb is on this one. I know it says to remove your helmet, (mainly for security reasons), but as a rider that has to wear corrective lenses, which can be hard to shove in my helmet and have them actually be comfortable, do people abide by this one? Or do you leave your helmet on?

    I am not asking for a debate, just basically want to know if I am going to get in the mega shit if I leave my helmet on when I go in to a servo.
  2. Mate, there is an instance of a muslim woman in SA being allowed to have her photo licence to drive pic tasken with her full head gear and vale on, So there should be no issue with your helmet but a the get off your bike thread it will come down to company policy(suckholes).

    I wear an open face helmet for that reason so they can see all of my ugly dial without removing it. I also take the time to look up at the camera and smileand wave.

    You will just have to try it and see, some will allow it some wont
  3. there was a hugeee thread on this recently, have a quick search and it will show up :)
  4. If its my local servo, then yes; bc they know me.

    Any other servo I take helmet off
  5. I generally remove my full face helmet. As I am a Big MoFo, the attendants would most likely become more than concerned if I left it on.

    I also have a flip up full face helmet. When I'm in a hurry or its too damn hot I just flip the chin piece, smile, (in the words of young Normy) say arrr...... G'day and point money in their direction.

    I noticed on a number of occasions that Bikerchick left hers on when she was with me. I found this alarming at first, but figured perhaps it was her smaller stature and long blonde hair flowing out the back. Anyhow, somehow she managed to pull it off! :cool:
  6. Tried leaving it on a couple of times but had the servo attendendent say over the p.a for me to take it off.

    Its only 30 seconds to put helmet and gloves on (or off) anyway...
  7. yep I take mine off every time. doesn't take long.
  8. I always take mine off, I find its no real hassle :)
  9. I am also visually impared (four eyed) but over the years have mastered the art of getting my helmet off and on with minimum hassle. :grin:
  10. Helmt always off, I'd hate to give some person on min wage the fright of his/her life....

    And Snoopy Avatars are taking over.

    Danger Mouse DJE?
  11. I never take it off and if someone asked me to I'd give them the finger. Who're they to impose bullshit regulations on my civil liberties. fcuking wankers
  12. OBM, excellent considered post, well argued and succintly put... ;)
  13. There's one servo in Sunshine that I leave my helmet on because it's a private servo and I walk in with money in one hand with my hands raised showing I'm not going to rob the place like all motorbike riders do :LOL:

    I usually take it off at all other servos because all other servos have anti motorbike people working there.
  14. I always take it off, it's no big hastle and shows some respect for the person behind the counter.
  15. Why??? I don't get it. It's supposed to be to stop/deter armed hold-ups or so we are led to believe. When I stop to fill up, walk with cash in hand and stand in a line...it's pretty obvious I'm not going to rob them. I think if I was an armed bandit I would just come flying straight in without stopping at the bowser so they had no chance of using the PA or locking the doors. Do you think most bandits would stop first and get $10 fuel or slip in the side and start demanding money from the get-go? So this kind of makes the whole request redundant as it stops nothing. Maybe I'm wrong and we could have someone with robbery experience comment but it seems logical to me.
    So on that note I only ever take my helmet off if it's late at night and there are few or no people at the servo just to give the attendant piece of mind. During the day when it's busy I never take it off and have had arguments with attendants about it ...IMO, if your getting heart flutters during daylight cos I've got my helmet on in the line and a 20 in my hand then your in the wrong job.
    By the way, the helmet request is not a law but a store policy, so nobody can force you to take it off or fine you. Just like no one can force you to show the contents of your bag after leaving a store with a sign saying it's a condition of entry, again, store policy, not law. They can have their signs but they can't enforce them.
  16. Sigh, here we go again with arrogant people claiming rights and powers that they don't have.

    Of course they can't fine you. They can just refuse you service, which, if I had the choice, I would do too......

    They can also notify other garages in the same company/organisation not to serve you...

    It's going to be fun watching some people pushing their bikes round with empty tanks :LOL:
  17. God you post the most cretin like comments of anyone on here. Most of the time I don't even respond as your so off the mark that there's no point in gracing it with a reply.
    Rights we don't have you say?? Maybe people like you don't have or are happy to bend over for any guise of authority and give them up, but civil rights and being treated like everyone else and not a criminal just because you ride a bike or choose to enter a particular store is something some of us do want to preserve. If you check the legality of such store signs you will find that we do have rights over and above those. But why check things when you can boost your post count with dribble...status quo for hornet.
    By the way, once you have filled up, if they did refuse you service, you get free fuel!! Bet your dumbass didn't think that far ahead huh...... :LOL: :LOL:

    Lastly the guy wanted to know if people do it, don't do it and if he can get in trouble...not a debate. Can't you read??? :roll:
  18. Its true. Legally you only have to attempt to pay in good faith. If they won;t take the money.. thats their problem. Its not a drive off.

  19. Respect for other riders...yahuh. Now your making sense dude.

    As for the operator, like I said, he would most likely get robbed by some nut running into the store. The fear is totally unsubstantiated cos if someone wants to rob the store they will do it. They wont walk up with the helmet on and go "oh crap they have the sign, better go to the next servo"
    How many robbers would wait in line? How many bike bandits do you see on crimestoppers? C'mon use some common sense mate.
    I understand that late at night o their own they may feel threatened and that's when I take my lid off.
  20. i always look at it like this...

    If i was behind the counter in a servo, what would i want?

    For me, it's the helmet off.