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Helmets around the $300-400

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by turb065, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hey i was just wondering from peoples experiences and personal preferences, what is a good full face helmet to get around these prices i currently have a MX helmet and am looking to upgrade to a full face to stop freezing my face off. I have tried kbc and hjc and kbc seems to suit my head better. Are there any flaws with these brands? Or is there any other recommended brands in this price range? :)

    Thanks for your opinions

  2. I like HJC myself. Excellent fit (on me) and I find that the fit and finish are better (IMHO) than other brands/models of equivalent price.

    Not over keen on their current visor mechanisms though.
  3. I have had two KBC VR1's. I think the VR2 might also be in this price range. Either way the KBC offers great value. Although I found it weighty and bulky compared to the Shoei TZR - however the shoei was close to double the price.

    I don't think you would be too unhappy with a KBC for that money.
  4. My VR2 is noisy... others have also pointed out noise as being a major issue with them. The VR1 is said to be better, if you can still find one.

  5. +1. HJC. Nice helmets. Comfy fit. Reasonably quiet. Carp visor mechanisms :roll:
  6. yeah i would love a shoei or arai but hey when they are near $800 its a bit out my price. i tried a v2r2 from memory in kbc, and it seemed good, i have read a few claims about them being noisey, but coming from a MX helemt it surely cant be as bad as that, plus i usually use ear plugs. Are there any other issues with kbc as i think i may prefer these to a hjc as it seemed to fitmy head better.
  7. same here. it's also a bit big for my head, and has been for a while, i just cant afford one currently that is a better fit :(

    when i first got it it was nice enough though :)
  8. Thing is, the mech on my current CL14 is demonstrably worse in every way than that on my old CL12. Progress?
  9. If you would LOVE a shoei like you said, check out helmet warehouse, 499 for a TZR.

    As for KBC, I find them fine for quality and good value for the money.
  10. AGV also make some good helmets in the price range. Worth a look.
  11. thanks for all the opinions :) i will go out on sat and have a good look around. Does anyone know any good shops in adelaide, i will head to bills, and peter stevens, does anyone else know of places where i can get good bargains?
  12. i found the only AGV's that felt good were the GPPRO which are pricey.

    i ended up shelling out for a Shark RSI, which are usually $449 for the prime (which look the best) or $479 for the fancy girly ones

    allot of places are running out the 08 models cheap. apparently 390 at yam city, 399 at ps.

    I wanted the prime and a tinted visor ($80) no-one had any old primes in small. so i had to order one of the new models (price went up with the dollar ect) but i still got one and a tinted for 450 which i was happy enough with.

    fits great. super light. a little noisy. looks awesome with a tinted visor.

    already scuffed it around the visor and have a small paint chip in a week though. see if it can last as long as my soumy with the shit i put it through

    you can get a deal anywhere if you ask nice enough. best to build up a relationship with a local shop, cause you will spend some serious dosh on bike gear over your life
  13. I was going to buy another one. I was tempted buy the Shark range of helments.
  14. AGV stealth $399 not bad. i got a 2008 ti-tech for $430, bit noisy i say but more comfy than stealth.

    theres a few lower down than stealth in agv but i havent tried them on before
  15. cool thanks for the tips, i will put agv and shark on the list. But i guess it all comes down to what the shops have on the shelf and the major thing, the price tag. Thanks for all the help, i will let you know what i end up with tomorrow :)
  16. Don't know about places for bargains, but if you want good service from an independent store (ie not Peter Stevens) then go to Maximoto, cnr South Rd and Anzac Highway. To get in you need to travel south on South Rd (NOT through the underpass), and after going over Anzac Hwy turn left into Orchard then left into first driveway.

    Henrik there is a good bloke, very helpful. I've bought a fair bit of stuff there, including a Tyre Down bike tie down today. They sell all sorts of bike gear, plus also do tyres.

    I don't work for them, get commission, etc, just like the people and the shop. :)
  17. Nolan N84 is in your price range.