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Helmets are useless

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jan 9, 2006.

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  2. I want to see the "video's" of the testing.. A tightening chin strap removing the head?!? :roll:
  3. I think it would look great, all the guys from MotoGP and superbikes riding around with "Snoopy Caps" in stead of helmets on

    Who are these wankers who put these reports together?
  4. meh.... anyone intelligent enuff to beleive that nonsense wont be doing any damage without a helmet anyways :LOL:
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Hahah - funny stuff :LOL:

    I'll keep my helmet thanks, ;)

    I know from first hand experience it works.

  7. Surely any serious study on helmet safety would take into account the cranial and facial injury rate in all accidents, fatal and non-fatal alike.

    If the author of that article would be so kind as include those statistics then he may have anything resembling a point to make.
  8. what a load of donkey shi..... er rubbish.

    although i must say i do know of one person who is alive due to the fact he didn't have a helet on when he crashed (proffesional opinion of trauma nurses/doctors who patched him back together)
  9. Seeing the types of 'helmets' most septics ( yanks ) use those statements are probably right, most of the helmets they wear I wouldn't use a a dogs bowl let alone to protect ones brains ............. oop's there lies the problem no brain no pain :LOL: :LOL:

    But on a personal note: Helmets do save lives, and I still have the old ARIE helmet that saved my life about 16 years ago ( dont wear it but it sits in the shed as a reminder that if not for that I would be nothing but fertilizer now )

    I got T boned by a HQ ( hard enough that the impact wrote both my bike and the HQ off !! )
    bysides my internal bruising and broken bones AND a sever case of concussion ( still have no memory of the accident or the day after )

    My helmet has a highly visable crack from chingard all the way over to midway on the back. so if it wasn't for that helmet I know my brains would have been coating the road and the roof of the car as i bounced over it !!
  10. OMG!

    I've just been reading some of the other articles at ridersforjustice :eek:

    What a bunch of redneck psychos!
  11. Bah! A pox on his "testing".

    I did read something a while back that indicated that helmet shells, in order to pass various standards (Snell, DOT and another couple) but Snell in particular, are too rigid. That they should flex a little more so as to begin the brains decelaration earlier rather than pass all the force to the foam layer to dissipate. This was apparently due to the test involving an unrealistic situation (basically an orange shaped steel ball impact, when stats show most real impacts are with a flat surface), thus the helmet is optimised to pass the test resluting in poorer than possible performance in "real life" crashes. Same article said some of the cheaper helmets made from less rigid materials performed better in flat impact test do to their slightly greater shell flex.

    Also included was a lengthy response from the Snell testing lab, which was also interesting. but overall the less rigid shell argument seemed to hold water to me.
  12. WwhoaaAA.....that's amazing that not only you survived that but it left you with no permanent brain damage! right? haha just kidding

    But yeah that really is incredible since it takes a tremendous amount of force to split a helmet!!!
  13. If nothing else.... it stops bugs hitting you in the face really hard...
  14. Maybe safer if you go to the synagogue and piss off the rabbi :wink:
  15. The guy who sits next to me at work had his helmet smashed to bits when he was hit from behind by a truck.
    Absoutely without a doubt he would be dead if not for the helmet.

    This 'engineer' is natures way of saying "Compared to this guy, you've got nothing to worry about'.

    When it has to absolutely positively save your brain, use a helmet, not a sock.
  16. I'm Calabrese. I'm constantly told that we are all hard headed. Maybe I could get away with not using a helmet. :grin: But then again maybe not. :roll:

    Whoever wrote that article is obviously a tool. Maybe they've been smoking way too many drugs.
  17. Hmmm thats debatable lol :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but yeah, i've showed a few people that helmet and the photo's of the bike / car and the accident sceen that the police took and the usual reaction is,
    FFS man and your still walking around !! :?
  18. I love this bit:
    "We used a ten foot drop with a total weight of helmet and mock head of eight to ten pounds. Generally, total weight was 8.5 pounds which generated 85 foot pounds of force."

    Ahh.. and I always thought a foot-pound was something quite different. Hope this drongo doesn't do his own torque settings.
  19. I defend the right for people to choose if they want their melon exposed to trauma, but I reckon these guys are coming at it from a ridiculous angle that can't be backed scientifcally, and that no-one wille ever buy into (especially not that ridiculous skull cap thing)

    As for the chin strap trauma, think of an impact that is so severe that it would cause the strap to lacerate and even sever the head... without a lid, the head may not have been severed, instead there would be some kind of brain-soup methinks.

    Helmets aren't designed to prevent every possible head injury; these guys have picked up on one of thousands of injury scenarios, and are basing their argument on it - just weird.
  20. agreed,
    think i'll stick to my lid thanks. Plus its easier to yell at stupid cagers when they cant see your face :p