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Helmets are Useless?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 27, 2005.

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  2. I agree that helmets are useless.

    Mine would have been this morning if I came off. I finally found my fog off mask and spend about 5 minutes adjusting the bit on the nose so my sunglasses wouldn't fog up each time I took a breathe.

    Arriving to work I noticed that I forgot to tie the chin strap. So yes helmets are useless only when not used correctly.
  3. now you just have to look at it the right way to agree with them:

    helemets are designed to protect the head, the head contains the brain, the brain is what tells these ppls that helmets are useless, and how much damage do you think you can do to a brain that thinks helemets dont help?

    its all in the way you look at it :LOL:
  4. I love the logic. :wink:
  5. Weather it keeps our heads protected or not at least it keeps all your ugly mugs hidden . :LOL:
  6. The earth is flat!!
    The earth is flat!!
    The earth is flat!!
    The earth is flat!!
    The earth is flat!!

    so there....
  7. As the old Bell Helmets advertisement used to say. "If you've got a $10.00 head, wear a $10.00 helmet."

    I personally feel that anyone has the right not to wear a helmet. I also reserve the right not to feel sorry for them when they splatter the meagre contents of their heads on the bitumen.

    But that's just me. I happen to believe that the contents of my head is worth protecting, therefore I wear a helmet.
  8. I like the end where the guy says

    "Additionally, the author claims to be a "REGISTERED ENGINEER IN CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, NEBRASKA, NEW MEXICO, AND WYOMING" But upon further investigation, it turns out that the auther forgot to include that he is a "Septic" engineer.

    Not that there is anything wrong with being a plumber. But a plumber is as much of an engineer as a sanitation engineer. His statment is a bit misleading, as is his entire article."

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  9. I don't mind if a rider doesn't wear a helmet, as long they/their family foots the bill for any additional cost to the public tax system incurred because they weren't wearing a helmet.
  10. This is amazing. I bought a Fog Off at the last Netrider Shopping night at Bike Mart. Since then, my sunnies or visor takes fog with nearly every breath, and I regularly forget to do my chin strap up and find myself pulling over to do it up about 3 mins after taking off. I think it's cause I can't feel that it's not there with the neoprene under my chin.

    Fog Off is great for keeping my neck and bottom of chin warm, but not good for keeping the Fog Off !!!

    Fog Off - Bog Off ................
  11. And Dazza, as we all know, you will NEVER find a plumber who bites his nails!
  12. Right on, Undii

    Of course the "no helmet" proponents claim that this isn't aproblem because if they do get involved in an accident they are likely to be killed so they won't BE a burden on the health system... can't quite follow that logic.

    They also claim that because helmets keep us a live but seriously injured that WE are more likely to be a burden on the health system than they would be. Can't quite follow that logic either.

    It's a bit like that Simpsons episode where Homer eats the fugu and thinks he's going to die so he borrows all the stuff from Flanders. When Flanders reminds him that he needs to give it back, he says "The joke's on him, I'm going to be dead tomorrow."
  13. thre may be no medical coz your dead, but I can see the invoice for the 'additional costs':

    - corpse re-assembly and removal - $5000
    - One cerebral cortex removed from roadside - $500
    - High pressure road wash - $150
    - Big Kev's Brain matter remover spray - $75
    - labour - $10,000

    See it gets expensive...


    Can't understand why you would want to take the chance with your brains, you need them for living and stuff.
  14. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    argh Sh!t divers what would we do without them :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  15. Actually it's not the dead-heads who DON'T wear helmets that worry me, it's the smart-alecks who know they will get booked if they go helmet-less, so they wear helmets which obviously have no padding or internal protection and think they're tough. Guess what, they're not, heads are fragile with no helmet or a helmet that doesn't protect. So sad.
  16. I hear ya. These things are a pain to get on right. I've only had it work right the first time I used it. The second time I I forgot to put on my sunnies and noticed this at a set of traffic lights. I chucked on the sunnies just as the lights turned green, took off, breathed out and my the sunnies fully fogged up. Visibility - Zero. I had to open the visor and lean back so I could watch the road from the bottom of the sunnies until they cleared up.

    After running late this morning adjusting the bloody thing there'd still be air escaping up the top going straight into the eyes and the only was to keep the sunnies fog free was to ride with the visor up which defeats the purpose of it.

    I think a neck warmer and box of tissues for the nose afterwards will be a better and safer investment. And I just realised that these things might not be designed for Greek noses :)

    Mine might not come with the bump, but it does start off higher than the average.
  17. I love the helmet argument.

    I usually say, well I respect your right not to ride with a helmet, but please respect my right to consider you a complete and utter total fuXXen idiot.

    That usually get's a response. LOL.

    Given that most offs would not be survivable without a helmet - it seems a self evident argument to me.

    I had an off back in March. The scratches on the helmet don't really indicate how hard the hit to the road was... or maybe it was just a bloody excellent helmet... but I was in and out of consciousness for 4 - 5 hours. What kind of cricket bat hit to the head would replicate that kind of concussion???

    I've little doubt about the outcome if I hadn't been wearing the helmet...
  18. I am in agreeance with Rob here

    having had the 'off' at the last Toyrun (has been posted here)
    which put both myself and my wife in hospital
    I am no doubt our helmets saved our lives

    my helmet only had a few scratches as it looks like me (or my head)
    only hit the road once, but.....
    my wife's helmets was totally destroyed*
    with a large impact mark on the LH side forehead area
    and scratches thru the outer shell, across the chin piece, visor
    and the top and side of the shell
    in our case, a road impact at 75kmh meant the helmet died
    and we lived.

    *she was knocked out and suffered some torn neck muscles
    but thats better than dead....
  19. yes, helmets can cause kneck injuries....


    But I'd rather live to suffer a neck injury than die with a perfect kneck and a caved in skull. :wink:

    Why don't they stick to the (arguably) honest reason of civil rights, then the govt can say "sure, but if you don't wear a helmet, we don't cover any medical costs as a result, it's all on your head (sic)"

    On the subject of Foggoff, See this post

    I've still got a freebie here if anyone wants one, I now use one of those stick on "Pro Grip Light Sensitive Visor Insert" doo-hickeys. Works like a charm, and at $27.00 from www.maw.com.au it's cheaper than the bulky foggoff.

    Once the netrider kneckwarmer shows up I'll be set 8)

  20. But the anti-helmet wearers would argue that it is their right to experience getting slogged in the head with a cricket bat, and we shouldn't force our helmet wearing ways on them :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: