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Helmets and Insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know if Western QBE cover damage to a helmet as part of an insurance claim for damage to the bike? (Obviously if the helmet is damaged in the accident, not at some other time :))

  2. Did a quick search of the PDS for QBE. Not sure if this is relevent/the correct part of the PDS. Dont hold me to this hornett!!!!!!

    Page 26 of PDS (29 on digital version)
  3. If this is right your avatar is very appropriate!!

    The bike is under full comprehensive cover, which I would assume to cover theft and/or damage, so hopefully the helmet is covered, opposite to your quote....

    It's not that I want a better helmet, and it's not that it was an expensive one, it's just that it was my ONLY one!!

    Thanks mate....
  4. Have a look at the PDS before you "assume otherwise". :beer:
  5. The best people to ask is the insurance company. You would think the helmet is covered though. If it isn't I would beringing around to find a company that does cover it. A mate of mine had a stack on his bike , ti wasn't his fualt, but the other insurance covered him for all his gear that was damaged.
  6. If you are claiming through your in-sewer-ants company as an at-fault claim through QBE then stiff titties your lid isn't covered, as per their PDS.

    If you are claiming against the other party's in-sewer-ants company then they have to make good everything that was damaged through the actions of their insured.

    by the way, Swann offer helmet insurance for ~$40 a year, regardless of who is at fault.
  7. That makes sense, (and more expense)

    Hey, I'm a poet :LOL:

    Thanks Vic
  8. I've been calling everyone getting quotes on a bike I'm looking at buying, and "is my gear covered" is one of the questions i'm asking. The only people to say yes were Shannons. Up to 3K for rider, and 1.5K for pillion from memory. Everyone else said ..no sorry!


  9. hmmmmmmmm

    Anyone else interested in starting an insurance company that covers only gear?

    Insert name here :)
  10. hmmmmm not a bad idea vic, the only problem is when the insurance companies realise we are making money, they will just include it in their policies.
  11. Of course you could add your gear to your home &/or contents policies at a rate of about 2% of the insured value. Then they are covered for Accidental Damage and theft anywhere in Australia.
  12. I am pretty sure that that its policy specific, and it would be a selling point (like Shannons insuring apparel). I dont know if this is likely, but it may be covered under your house insurance policy under some sort of all risks thing.
  13. They don't cover personal protective gear.

    I asked a couple of weeks ago, after my prang.

    they did say they are considering it, so ring up and ask about it. If enough people bother them about it then it will eventually come through.
  14. Its not automatic, but Specified Personal Property can be added to most insurers policies.

  15. RACWA includes automatic cover for up to $500 for your helmet (or two helmets if that's the case). Wording below:

    This isn't an indicator of what RACV or NRMA will cover but worth a shot checking with them.

    Meanwhile a lot of companies will allow an Unspecified Personal Valuables cover on all sorts of stuff, or failing that you can Specify individual items. Unfortunately RACWA only cover "Sporting Equipment" while in use and Sporting Equipment is defined as "...helmet, protective gear or equipment excluding clothing, leather or fur apparel, bicycles, motorised or non motorised watercraft or firearms, used when participating in recreational or competitive sport."

    So if your lid is worth more than a your bike insurance covers you could specify it, but you'd only be covered if it's damaged when the bike blows over or it's grabbed sitting on the seat next to you at a cafe or something. Ah well, can't have everything.

    DISCLAIMER: I work for RACWA, even have my bike insured with 'em :grin: The info provided is in case someone finds it useful
  16. Refering to the original post. Western QBE